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UFO Challenge #1: Fox face quilt #2, completed

The second Fox Face quilt is finally done!

I got the tops finished last year, finished up AngryDandelion's in June... and then... well, I have no good excuse. So for the first UFO Challenge entry, I have completed SilverLily's Fox Face quilt!

 photo fox_face_01032016.png

The back is a microfiber fleece sheet - very warm and cozy and goes with the gray on the top.

It's a twin size quilt and has 80 fox faces on it total (yes, I made 160 fox faces for those two quilts!).

Completed 1/3/2016 - yep, I got it done early!
warning: science!

2016 UFO Challenge: Month 1 update

Despite the head cold (which, yeah, looks like it'll last the full 7-10 days) I bought the batting today for Fox Face and have basted the layers together & removed extraneous threads (there were LOTS). Tomorrow, assuming I feel OK, I will attempt quilting it all together and finishing it. That would be awesome if I could manage it :D We will see!

Fox Face Five

Couldn't resist the title! Anyway, this is the first Fox Face quilt completed. (The second one is mostly completed and I hope to finish it later this summer.)

 photo foxface_1_finish_06142015.png

This is a good twin size quilt from the Fancy Fox pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. 80 fox faces! The backing/mock binding is a lovely fleece sheet, because the kids said they wanted warmer quilts for winter. Yes, it's one week away from midsummer now. Things happen when they happen.

Here's the background:
 photo foxface_backing.png

Yes, that's SilverLily peeking up above the quilt, the scamp.
go me!

Fox face progress

I finished one of the Fox Face quilt tops today. (Not the whole quilt, just assembling the top.) That's a good thing. But my back is killing me so I need to stop quilting for the rest of the day, I think.

I should take a picture of my tiny little corner of a card table where I currently do my work.
go me!

160 Fox Faces in a Rainbow of Colors!

So all 160 fox faces have been completed! Woot! As of yesterday, actually. Now the kids figured out what order they want them in, and I can get them sewn together, etc.

Beneath the cut are pictures of all the different fox faces. No more than 5 fox faces were made of any given fabric. Some of them have only 1 fox face. All were made with remnants and scraps. We gave names to each fabric for fun; these aren't the names of the actual fabrics, assuming they had names.
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I think I have all 160 fox faces done. I took pictures but have to upload them. Next is to split them up into 2 quilts and get them organized so I can sew them all together (haha!).

I am attempting Meyer lemon marmalade this weekend. Wish me luck. I might also try Meyer lemon sorbet. As you might have guessed, we harvested our lemons this week. I hate to just make lemon juice out of them all.

I have my lists: "Things I Want To Do" and "Things I Need To Do." There is no overlap.

Happy New Year, and fox face update

Going to bed shortly, but I got another 60+ fox faces completed.
 photo PopFox_12312014.png

Remember, I have to have 160 of these. I had already made a bunch before, but I'm too tired to do a count tonight. That's for tomorrow. I know I'm not done, but I'd like to know how much farther.

I'm also really glad I bought an extra yard of gray background fabric.

In unrelated news, I didn't realize Fraps was off, and thus took no pictures during the Brains ISBI side story I was working on. At least it wasn't the main one.

Good night and I hope 2015 is better for everyone.
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Happy Sequential Day and other things

I have completed 47 fox faces so far out of 160. The good news: More than 25%! The bad news: Over half to go! But more seriously, it's coming along well and I'm enjoying it, which is good because I hate my machine more and more. :/ Only another 6-7 months to get a new one.


I've got Sims 2 now running beautifully on my computer, and fixing the resolution in that older game makes a huge difference in how the camera works, the colors, everything. OTOH I have competent non-playable Sims and I'm trying to run an ISBI. Interesting choice, game!

I made a new alfredo sauce recipe tonight and it turned out fantastic.

1/4 cup butter
1 cup heavy cream
1 clove garlic, crushed & diced/minced
1-1/2 cups Gruyere cheese
1/4 cup fresh chopped parsley or 1 heaping tbsp dried parsley

Melt the butter. Add heavy cream and simmer 5 minutes. Add garlic and cheese and stir to melt. Add parsley. Serve!

Some notes. I think next time I'll add the garlic to the butter; I didn't really sense much garlic, but maybe that's me. The original recipe called for Parmesan but I went with Gruyere and it had a good flavor. I also used dried parsley because this was a bit spur-of-the-moment. I served this over butternut squash ravioli, but you could serve it with any number of things. It's not as thick and gooey as a lot of jarred sauces, but has much more flavor.

(ETA: It doesn't reheat well! Use it all after cooking)

First fox face finished

This is the first completed fox face block. It's about 6x8" and I have to make 159 more of them.

 photo Popfox_12072014.png

I'm almost out of black fabric and no money to get more for a little while, but I have a big stack of fox faces just waiting for the gray triangles, so I can still make progress.

I keep changing the name of this quilt too. Fox Face? Pop Fox? Funky Fox?

Nanowrimo day off (and scrappy foxes)

Taking a day off. Every job needs days off to recharge. ;) And there's a good buffer built up, so I can afford it. Also I feel very unmotivated today as far as writing, so I'm focusing on other things like all those fox face fabrics. This is going to make a pair of very scrappy quilts.

I looked at a solid background for the fox face quilts (I want it to be the same for both) and couldn't find anything I liked at the local Joanns. I'm tied to them because I have gift cards I want to use. Finally found one I was okay with (not a fave) but then turned out I couldn't use my coupons on it... so I didn't get anything. Kind of frustrating. Also because I want to get a whole bolt (I need 9-10 yards), since that counts as "one cut" for coupon purposes, I have to find something that's in a big enough bolt. I wonder if I can order in a bolt? Or maybe I'll just keep checking periodically. It's hard for me to wait, because I want to just cut fabric today, heh.

The fox quilts are using up a lot of scraps, which I'm happy about. I'm trying to use up all the little pieces, and save the big ones for future projects. So a lot of leftover jelly roll strips are going to this (most pieces are 2.5" wide), odd bits I've saved, etc. It's nice to kinda clean out the stash this way.