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Mom runs The Price is Right during the day because it's there, and she says the prizes are getting cheaper and cheaper (used to be 2 weeks somewhere for a prize and now it's down to a weekend in Utah or smth similar). But one prize was a $1200 gift card for Joann. Which is $100/month for a year, right? I know some folks would be "how could you use that up" but honestly, pair that up with a sale on batting and I'd have SO MUCH BATTING to finally finish up quilts. Not to mention any other craft thing my heart desires.

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And now it's snowing, albeit melting when it hits the ground, so if the temperature stays low enough, it'll form ice and really make life exciting tomorrow. So, after the initial excitement of "oh, ice powder from the sky", it's time to settle in with "will we lose power overnight" and "will I still have that appt in the morning y/n".

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World Map status

1. I have started a new Postcrossing quilt with remaining/extra fabric, because it's there after all.
2. World Map is mostly complete and ready to sew together, but I need to finish designing and testing the "plaque" that goes on the front identifying me and the year and so on, and will have to get a new printer cartridge so I can print to fabric, etc.
3. This means the World Map is almost done!
4. However I am still taking fabrics because of the new Postcrossing quilt.

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Postcrossing quilt: fabric update

Master list is here: https://laridian.dreamwidth.org/2767863.html

From RU-8261148:

From DE-10081418, I love the bird motif :)

From DE-10073200, a challenging piece to use! :) I'm not sure whose coat of arms it's supposed to be, it doesn't match the sender's city/state. I'll figure something out. :)

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 So i want something to eat, but I did eat an entire bag of broccoli tots for first meal (I skipped breakfast), and part of me is thinking "Hmmm there's that box of scone mix that Speccy sent me," and I'm kind of tempted to use that because, y'know, these do eventually go bad. 

Not that I need scone calories.


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Viva New Vegas: How Lovely It Was

Meanwhile, in the department of, "why, for Fluffy February prompts, is 'searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift' set after V-Day?" Seriously! It's set for like the 24th or something. This makes no sense.

It also means that some of the Seventy-Sixer posts are going to be severely out of order, because today's is supposed to be Singing/Playing an Instrument, but mine takes place after the V-Day gift. So. I'll have to post this (and the other Seventy-Sixer FF stories) after the V-Day gift story, i.e. end of the month.

You don't get fluff today, basically. BUT you get some bittersweet Viva New Vegas.

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 The lemon and grapefruit are... well let's just say Dad and I have differences in opinion as to what constitutes "enough coverage" and when he and Mom go to the TV room to watch a movie I'm taking a couple more blankets and wrapping them around the grapefruit's trunk.

It's 34 degrees rn, but with coverage and my reptile heat lamp (originally purchased for the birds a few years ago, because occasionally they were going to be in suboptimal temperatures), it's 38 in the... lemon bubble. Of course, the proof of this concept will be when the temps get below freezing. The citrus really shouldn't go below 30 F. 

Edit 2.5 hours later: 44 degrees in the lemon bubble.

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