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Just stuff

Note to self: Need to update coh_sunday_lj front page w/mem for hero list.

And the xstitch that I thought I'd mis-done, I hadn't. So no ripping stitches! Yay!

Finally made a hair appt for myself; because I waited so long, it's not 'til next Thurs at 6 pm. Feh. Should've done it earlier.

Partway through writing something.

One of our TVs is dying. We have one in the garage awaiting repair, and this one is going now too (screen is jumping regularly - not cable or VCR since it happens w/both). About $100 to get fixed vs. a few hundred to buy new. Might as well get it fixed. Problem is finding a place that's open when Toly can help lug the thing down - they're big TVs and so Toly has to carry them, at least enough to get them in and out of the car or van. Most repair places hold banker's hours nowadays, which bites. :(

Speaking of banker's hours, WTF is up with my bank closing at 4 pm?! The drivethru is still open and there's the ATM, but heaven help you if you need to get in there for anything in person, since they don't open all that early either. Must be nice. :(

EDIT: Uploaded some more icons, so there'll be some more variety. 34 out of 50 icons. Sheesh. You'd think I'd be uploading everything in sight...
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