Laridian (laridian) wrote,

CoV Fic: Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice
Fandom: City of Villains
Word Count: ~500
Characters: Ray "Darkfire" Jeffries (evil!Ray for those playing at home), Snow Fury
Warnings: Romance!
Prompt/request: I know at least one of you wanted to know how the game turned out after Get Your Game On. So here it is. :D

"I think I'll fold while I have the chance," Snow Fury said. She snuggled deeper into Darkfire's jacket. It was roomy on her – not much, since Dark was on the thin side, but big on her nonetheless.

"Fold? That's in poker." Darkfire shook his cup of dice again.

"You know what I mean. You’ve won, and you know it." Even with his last challenge of double or nothing, Snow knew the odds weren't good. Dark was a very good player, and if you counted his glasses, he still had at least twice the pieces of clothing on that she did – and he'd lent her his jacket. Better to bow out now. "I think I'd – we'd better get out of here before Solar wakes up."

"Yeah, there is that," Darkfire agreed. Even if Solar didn't immediately realize she now sported a handmade "Kick Me" Sharpie tattoo on her back, she was unlikely to pass up an opportunity to make fun of two partially-dressed teammates. "Besides, you never know who else might show up." He set down his dice and stood, extending a gloved hand. "Need a hand?"

She'd told Solar that he was a good man, and this was further proof. He might call himself a villain, but there were too many heroic traits about him: he made sure nobody was left behind; he healed his teammates; he did everything he could to keep them together. And – it seemed to her, anyway – he could be a gentleman when he wanted to, and sometimes even when he didn't realize it.

Snow took his hand, tried to stand while clutching his jacket about her. The deep swallowtail cut in front and back weren't helping matters any. She stumbled and fell against him.

Later, she would swear to herself it had been a complete accident. Nothing more. But she fell against him, and he automatically put his arm out to catch her, and there they were.

She looked up into his eyes, surprised to see emerald-green eyes behind the amber-tinted glasses. His eyes searched hers, and she made no attempt to get away. Nor did she when he leaned in, slowly...

... at least, before Solar made a hacking snore that disrupted the mood.

They both sprang away, before realizing that Solar was still asleep, just sounding like a car engine with a bad clutch. Snow's cheeks burned, and she nervously smoothed down her hair with one hand while holding the jacket around her, and taking keen interest in the metal walls.

At least it appeared Dark was in the same boat, rubbing the back of his neck and staring at the floor.

"Well," he finally said.

"Yes," Snow agreed, without knowing what she was agreeing to. But that was all right.

"Uh, maybe, after, y'know," Dark continued, gesturing vaguely at Snow's state of undress, "you, uh, change, we could, like... go for coffee?"

"Oh! Sure. Of course," she agreed again, and she felt like she could fly. That was all right, too.
Tags: darkfire, fiction: city of heroes/villains
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