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GUCCI update #8 (Sims)

Warnings: Snark and pixelated-censored Sim nudity.

When last we left our Ishkabibbles on the colony planet of Ishkabibbliana, Nichevo (the Gen 2 heir) had given birth to twins, and was already pregnant again. And pretty unhappy about everything. (You'd think his parents Ben and Isador would help him a bit...)

Ah, but seriously, Ben takes Nichevo to task over handling the kids. Nichevo barely keeps track of them at all; Isador's the primary caretaker of the infants Hremija (girl) and Shtoot (boy). Nichevo isn't real happy being the breeding machine and it shows.

Sometimes he wonders what he's up to. If only he were back on Earth, with its more liberal birth policies. The policy on Ishkabibbliana is one of moderate increase: more than 3 kids and there might not be enough food for everyone; no kids and you're not helping populate the colony. At least two sets of twins is OK, but he sure hopes he's done after this.

He looks at one of the rugrats and despairs. How's a Romance sim ever gonna get any action if he's barefoot, pregnant and watching over babies all day?

Then it comes time to age up the kids with some cake, and Nichevo (who's about as bright as a 20-watt bulb) somehow manages to levitate the kid instead.

Ben's appalled, both at a levitating baby and Nichevo's stink.

This was actually a problem. For some reason the baby levitated, then Ben picked it up out of the air. And then Ben had to go to work, so he started carrying the baby out the door with him. I had him cancel the action, but then the baby was untouchable (and, presumably, had needs dropping all over the place). I tried several different cheats and finally used agesimscheat-on to "reset" the baby by saying "age to toddler". Instead, the baby was then somehow touchable again and could be picked up, so Isador put the baby back to bed for several hours and all was apparently well again.

Good old Family sim Isador helps get Shtoot to toddlerhood without incident...

...and Knowledge sim Ben does the same for Hmerija. (Remember these aspirations for later)

Nichevo just can't wait to be over and done with babies. He's a big ol' butterball and even the swimming doesn't help.

Whoa, it's time! Isador as always is there to help. He's such a sweet guy and never really fazed by anything (except the burglar, and everyone still gets burglar flames).

Hmerija gets a front-row seat for the show. At least she's not coordinated enough to throw peanuts (or poop).

And now we find out Chef's coloration: black hair and brown eyes. As compared to the blue/gray/green-eyed blonds of the other Ishkabibbles. I was hoping Chef was another previously-redheaded elder, but no such luck.

Oh yeah! It's a boy and he's named Nesmisel (Slovene for "nonsense").

We've all seen toddler pix and stuff, so we're skipping those, except this one of Hmerija. (Yes, I understand if you can't pronounce or spell these names. I just want to stick to a theme for once, dangit. You probably remember, but the theme is the word "nonsense" in a bunch of different languages. The exceptions are Isador, as the founder, and Nichevo, whose name means in Russian "there's nothing to be done about it".)

With buckets of smart milk - Isador's got loads of aspiration points - the kids grow up well and fast and all that and become kids.
Here's Hmerija:

And here's Shtoot:

They've got a lot of their dad the Barkeep's looks. (And the child support money stopped when they became kids, too.)

The closest thing to a party in this house: Nesmisel becomes a toddler. Yeah, we're moving forward in time quickly. We've all seen the usual stuff in other stories, so you're getting the high points.

I think it's cute/funny that the twins have matching pajamas. Meanwhile, their momdad Nichevo has more burglar flames, and he's put on weight like you wouldn't believe. He's quite the fat sim, and working it off is insanely hard.

Possibly because they're only three simdays older than their half-brother, the twins talk about baby stuff a lot.

Their SimGod Ben finally hears about how "teach Sim to do homework" can help out with homework speed/fun deprivation, so he takes it on himself to teach the kids the right way to do the work.

Isador starts wandering around the lot in the nude. No neighbors call the cops, so either they don't notice or they like the view. Yes, I know this pic looks really naughty.

Nesmisel becomes a child. He's got the Long nose.

Childhood bubbler abuse is skyrocketing. Parents, please talk to your children about the dangers of bubbler abuse before it's too late.

Okay, admit it: upon first seeing this pic, your thought is about the urban legend involving the gerbil, isn't it? (*facepalms* at Isador and his dirty jokes)

All kidding aside, Isador tells Ben to keep an eye on the family and make sure Nichevo doesn't set himself on fire or something stupid like that, and that all the kids grow up well.
"Oh, come on!" Ben says. "You're not that old!"

Actually, he is. 75 days old, to be precise. The kids go bonkers with grief, because Isador raised 'em from pups and was their effective mom. (By the way, Isador stopped having burglar flames the day he died. The burglary was when Nichevo was a teenager, so it's been a long time.)

Isador's looking forward to it, though. He was always an optimist.

Ben takes it hard, too. So does Nichevo. Isador was the best-loved family member. Nobody else really has strong relationships with each other.

And so we come to the family tree of the moment. No, I don't remember the barkeep or Chef's names, they're really not that important.

Hey, teenagerhood arrives! Shtoot goes first ('cause Hremija's asleep) and has Vulcan eyebrows and his barkeep dad's features.

Still got Nichevo's overbite, though.

Later that night, Hremija has her turn. Her eyes look really wide-set and she's not pretty, but I'm not sure if she's ugly.

Interesting brow ridge, and a flatter nose than her twin's. But she looks like she's got Isador's happy-face.

This was just odd: Marsha Bruenig came over to play for a while, and then Joe Carr comes to pick her up and take her home. Is she his daughter? Niece? Ward?

Isador's ghost starts up as soon as the sun goes down (!!) and he starts roaming the lot. "I think I'm gonna go scare the pants off someone!"

Seems to be checking up on the family, here.

But then the hauntings commence. Good thing Nesmisel's needs bars were all in the green, 'cause Isador jumped into the bunkbed and scared the bajeebers out of Nes.

Then Isador almost made Nichevo pass out in fear. Maybe there's some lingering resentment going on?

Nichevo hits the energizer because the beds aren't safe - Isador scares people awake out of them. (I later found out the top bunks appear to be safe to sleep in.) Because I don't know what to do with him, I send him out to use the counterfeiting machine. Ben's got the only job, and it would be nice to have some extra cash on hand just in case.

Except Isador goes into the machine and almost sets Nichevo on fire.

It's not until about 6:45 am that Isador goes back into his urn, the long dark night(mare) is over, and everyone can get some sleep. Ben immediately takes Isador's urn down to the newly-created cemetery lot. Preferring to remember Isador's good side, and maybe deciding all those hauntings were just hallucinations brought on by grief - the fire was obviously a mechanical failure - Ben finds a nice spot for Isador's grave, with some cheerful sunflowers.

That afternoon, Nesmisel becomes a teenager, and the randomly-picked hair I got for him turns out to be a mohawk. Who knew?
From the front, he looks a lot like his truedad the chef.

From the side, he's got the Long nose and overbite.

Oh, remember I mentioned the aspirations? Isador was Family, Ben's Knowledge. Shtoot is Family, Hremija is Knowledge. Nesmisel is the first Money sim of the lot. They've all got nice easy LTWs, too: Captain Hero for Shtoot, Mad Scientist for Hremija, and Business Tycoon for Nesmisel.

Which one of them will be the heir? We won't know until they hit adulthood, since looks can change at that point... but which one will show the right combination of features that will guarantee them a spot in the Ishkabibble Uglacy? Which one will be a worthy descendant of Isador?

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