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August Fic-A-Day 17: A-Fic: Those Temperamental Actors

Those Temperamental Actors
Fandom: Original – A-Fic
Word Count: 441
Characters: Grif (journal entry)
Warnings: None
Prompt/request: A prompt by mimerki, posted at the bottom. ^_^

So much to write down, but I don't know if I'll get a chance to do so before I fall asleep on my feet. So I'm trying to just get the high points. (Ugh, looking over my own writing – I'll have to clean this up later.)

I started my new role yesterday, and so far it's going well. Script read-through showed no major hitches. But today we had a problem. Our leading man (played by Thom) got to the part in the script where he's supposed to kiss the leading lady. What a row. Thom said it was practically pornography, and he'd have no part of it. Elin didn't understand what the fuss was about; as she put it, they're just smushing lips together. We wasted so much time today trying to solve Thom's mental block.

Granted, Elin is our only female player at this moment, so she's not only the leading lady, she also has to play some of the other roles, like "my" right-hand assistant. There's already some talk of rearranging some of the roles so that either males can play them, or some of the lower-tier males will dress in drag. I'm sure that would go over so well with Thom.

Elin did try to make some kind of joke about it, though I'm not sure what it meant. The director tried to negotiate the kiss (can you believe this?) to where it wouldn't be quite so offensive to Thom's delicate sensibilities. Thom seemed about to agree, as long as it was simply a small quick kiss. (Granted, none of us have a great romantic interest at all, but get it together, man! You're an actor, aren't you?) Then Elin said "Kiss or kiss not – there is no peck," and half the cast laughed heartily. I'm afraid I was one of the half who didn't, because I didn't get the joke. Apparently she was spoofing a very old classical entertainment speech mannerism. I should study up on that, as the director got the joke, and it doesn't hurt to show you understand the same humor as the director!

Thom, of course, then completely refused to do the scene at all, and said perhaps we could use a stunt double if this was all going to be a comedy anyway. What a day.

In other news, I need a roommate. BADLY. I think I'm going to talk to that crazy female after all. I can hardly do worse. Well, perhaps, if she tries to kill me. There is that. Perhaps we can come to some agreement, I don't know. I just know I am DONE with the current arrangement.

~ ~ ~

mimerki's prompt was: "Kiss or kiss not, there is no peck."
Tags: a-fic
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