Laridian (laridian) wrote,

August Fic-A-Day 8: Trouble Brewing

Trouble Brewing
Fandom: City of Villains
Word Count: ~315
Characters: Ray "Darkfire" Jeffries (evil!Ray for those playing at home)
Warnings: Language.
Prompt/request: None.

The hell with it. He was going to find out about this other Ray Jeffries.

Darkfire did wait until the rest of Black Sunday were either out of the computer room or out of the base entirely, or sleeping. It was silly, he knew, because wouldn't anyone be interested in an alternate universe version of themselves? But it still felt weird actually looking it up.

On the other hand, it was easy enough stuff to find. Ray Jeffries, aka Heat Lightning, fire and electrical powers –

Say what?!

Darkfire checked and rechecked, using every search he could think of. Fire and lightning. Not just fire. And a blaster, who could fly.

That had to mean that... well, that this Ray Jeffries hadn't had his genetic code scrambled. He hadn't been converted to a sort-of-defender. He'd been allowed to be what he was. It was the only explanation. Okay, the flight might just be coincidence, but Darkfire himself had had that same combination of powers - fire and lightning - before his parents, in their not-infinite wisdom, had forced him into reconstructive genetic therapy.

Therapy. Ha! He probably needed more therapy now than when his powers had first manifested.

So this Ray Jeffries, the one that belonged here, had his original powers, he could fly, he apparently was leader of a hero team or something like that, and by all accounts he had a girlfriend too.

Darkfire hated him instantly, or about as instantly as one could manage when one was piecing together information. It was probably irrational, but he didn't care. It wasn't fair that this idiot should have a better life. Wasn't fair that he'd had it all go well, everything just fucking handed to him.

No, it wasn't fair at all. In fact, maybe this other Jeffries should be taught a lesson. Like, misery loves company.

Darkfire shut down the computer and went off to think.
Tags: fiction: city of heroes/villains
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