Laridian (laridian) wrote,

LJ weirdness

Thanks to some LJ weirdness, it looks like most of today's posts didn't show up on people's Flists, as far as I can determine. So here's a summary, just in case you might be interested in what you possibly missed.

August Fic-A-Day Challenge #5: A-Fic, Drunk Before Noon, Nick & Dean

GUCCI Challenge/Ishkabibble Sims Update: here

CoH Sims Update: His Daddy's Eyes, Terecito

Random Strange Links to vampire watermelons and more

Rambling about manga and stuff I found in the garage

Recipe: Three-Flour Pancakes

Now that I know LJ is being wonky, at least I know why the comments were a bit thin today... ^_~
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