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GUCCI update #5 (Sims)

More Ishkabibble teen fun, and another possible contender for Future Breeding Sim!

When last we left the Ishkabibbles, Nichevo and Lukhta had just become teenagers. That meant it was time for Ben to give his kids the facts of life speech.

"See, kids, because everyone on this planet is hermaphroditic, everyone produces eggs and sperm, and that means we all can get pregnant."

Pleasure-sim Nichevo is horrified by the entire talk.

"I swear, I'm not ever gonna have kids! I'm just gonna have lots of friends."

Oh, yeah, Nichevo got the worst of the Pleasure LTWs: 50 Dream Dates. *headdesk* No way am I gonna play those out. Nich, you'll just have to deal with life like your momdad and his ugly LTW (marry off 6 kids).

Meanwhile, Knowledge-sim Lukhta knows she's hot stuff. She got all her momdad's cuteness and (so far) none of her father's features. And she's already making heads turn. (she did this autonomously)

One day, both kids brought or invited friends over after school. Nichevo brought... uh, I don't remember his name. Oh well! His features do hold promise, though.

Lukhta invited Brady Tellerman (! no relation to Komei) over at the same time. Sure, he's dreamy as a teenager, but he doesn't much care for Nichevo on first glance.

But because I've had Brady in another game I know what he looks like as an adult. Surprise, Brady, it's your birthday!

And just get a gawk at those features. Brady or the bartender? How to choose??

Adult!Brady (who I also know is a Pleasure sim) and Nichevo now, suddenly, get on very well indeed, playing chess together into the night. Ben revels in being a pointy-nosed stud.
Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,
I'm a needle-nose with no time to talk.
Ah, ah, ah, ah! Stayin' alive! Stayin' alive!

Because Ben needs contacts for promotional purposes, Isador works the phones. And lo and behold, at some point he apparently met a really ugly chef! Check it out! That jaw is just perfect for grinding tough, fibrous roots and tubers.

Isador drops more than a few hints about how the kids are almost legal. For shame, Isador.

And then on a hot Friday night, Brady calls up Lukhta and asks if she'll go downtown on an outing with him. Sure, what the heck! Except Nichevo invites himself along too. So it's a party of three. On the other hand, Brady doesn't seem to mind at all.

Lukhta minds a bit, though, when Nichevo calls her a potty mouth (or mentions her bathroom habits, who knows? It's still an odd topic to bring up).

Well, this might explain Nichevo's bathroom obsession. He's quite the neatfreak (I have no idea where that came from, since Ben's a slob and Isador's average) and spontaneously cleaned up dishes at the restaurant, not to mention scrubbed their sinks.

Still, a good time is had by all three, and then it's time to go home. Nichevo autonomously gets snippy with his sister. "I do NOT have a rat nose!"

"You do too! I could hang doughnuts off it. You're going to put someone's eye out with that thing if you ever actually get a kiss. I mean, bro, rats envy that nose of yours."

Nichevo is crushed. He knows his nose is pointy. His dad's nose is pointy. But no other teenager thinks his nose is cool! Even though it's a very common nose! Maybe that's it - maybe it's too common.

But then the taxi comes and they go home, bickering all the way, because they can barely stand each other despite having shared space since they were in the womb.

To be continued!
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