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And all the links to the Tellerman Legacy, in one easy to find location. (We hope.)
Important: Production Notes entries often have spoilers and/or behind-the-scenes discussion.

Tellerman Legacy Links
The Tellerman Legacy is set up a little differently from the standard Legacy Challenge. First, the founder, Sebastian, is actually a Maxis orphan, so even the genetic stock at the beginning is purely Maxis. Secondly, I created the "MRS Degree" challenge for myself: every generation must go to University and meet their spouse from one of the dormies (or professors) there. Townies aged up to teens and sent to college are also acceptable.

Download a Tellerman!

Hello, Goodbye - a CoH Sims installment which explains why Sebastian Tellerman, adopted by Komei Tellerman in the Outskirts, went to college in Westerly (=a new neighborhood) and started his own legacy.

Tellerman Legacy: The Beginning. Sebastian goes to college, meets Zephyra, and buys a plot of land while looking for his bio-parents.

Sins of the Father. Sebastian finally gets some information on his bio-parents, and it's not at all what he expected. Meanwhile, he and Zephyra become parents themselves.

Moving Up, Moving On. The family finances start improving, but now it's time for the boys to go to college.

College And Beyond. (Generation 2) Swithin marries Romance sim Linda, but will theirs be a good match?

Tellerman Legacy Update. Linda tells this installment in the form of a letter, updating us on the entire family and on their daughter Gail (who's inherited the family nose in a very strong way).
Production notes for Linda's Letter Home

Want, Settle, Get. (Generation 3) Gail Tellerman gives details about her life to her press agent in preparation for an authorized biography, including her college years, meeting her husband Ratna, having their child Antares, and Gail's career (including the wardrobe malfunction).

Change in Plans. (Generation 4) Antares Tellerman gets abducted, pregnant, married, and has his first kiss, all within 24 hours, and in that order, too.

Ad Astra Sans Aspera. Antares has his alien twins, but his marriage to Brittney is not very strong, and the aliens keep trying to contact Antares against his will.
Production notes for Ad Astra Per Aspera

A Fact We Can't Ignore. (Generation 5) Vega, one of Antares' twins, grows up, discovers boys, and gets the first hints that there's a more dangerous world out there than her very sheltered upbringing has allowed her to see.
Outtakes and Production Notes for A Fact We Can't Ignore

Little War Stories: Astrophel's Tale. Astrophel, Vega's twin sister, tells of life at college, and makes a life-changing decision.
Outtakes and Production Notes for Astrophel's Tale

Curse of the Peekaboo Death Panties. We see George's point of view as the Little War continues, and multiple tragedies strike the family.
Outtakes and Production Notes for Curse of the Peekaboo Death Panties *Also includes a retrospective of the first five generations of Tellermans.

A Nose By Any Other Name. (Generation 6) George and Vega's kids grow up and go to college... but who'll stay with Grandfather?
Outtakes and Production Notes for A Nose By Any Other Name

Flubble! It's a Golden Age after the end of the Little War!
Outtakes and Production Notes for Flubble!

The Rise and Fall of Paragon Tellerman. (Generation 7) Paragon's career and life as a rock star has ups and downs, but nothing compared to a truly worldwide event...
Outtakes and Production Notes for Rise and Fall of Paragon Tellerman

Little War Stories: Astrophel's Warning. A very elderly Astrophel returns from space, but it's not under the best of circumstances.

Nothing Is Forever. Conflicts great and small, from the view of the Generation 8 heir.
Outtakes and Production Notes for Nothing Is Forever

The War At Home. The conflicts between Apollo and his cousins escalate into violence.
Outtakes and Production Notes for The War At Home

The Calm Before The Storm. Apollo's four years at college pass quickly for his mother Pax as well, stuck home with the cousins.

It's a Nice Day for a Wet Wedding. Love, violence, and death.
Outtakes and Production Notes for The Calm Before the Storm and It's a Nice Day for a Wet Wedding

Adrift. Romeo Tellerman narrates the family's recent tragedies, gets a little emo, but finally figures out what he's doing, as Apollo and Hestia start their family and Generation 9.
Outtakes and Production Notes for Adrift

The Wolf At The Door. The interstellar war continues in the background as Hestia narrates her children's growing-up.
Outtakes and Production Notes for The Wolf At The Door

Keep the Home Fires Burning. Josen, Wrai and Kefira - the three Gen 9 kids - go to college; they and their parents relate their lives in a series of letters to Romeo, who's off at war.
Outtakes and Production Notes for Keep the Home Fires Burning

Drabble: Famous Short (100 word) fic on the topic of fame, from Josen Tellerman's point of view.

Red Sky at Morning. Generations 9, 10, and the End.
Outtakes and Production Notes for Red Sky at Morning

Official Tellerman Legacy Soundtrack and Retrospective

Tellerman Drabbles, Part One (text-only) Five drabbles (flash-fics or very short fics) about the Tellermans.

What Happened on Vela (text-only) Longer fic revealing the fate of Gen 9's Wrai Tellerman.

Tellerman Legacy Fanmix #2 Because why stop at just one? New art, new songs.

Random Other Stuff

Random Sims picture: Tellerman Legacy: http://laridian.livejournal.com/854975.html


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