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Durrance Legacy: All The Links to All The Posts

Again, now I can just post this link instead of telling people to go look through the Memories. Fairly comprehensive list.

Durrance Legacy Links

I'm fairly sure there must've been a few posts before these, but I can't find them. So here's the rundown: Finch Durrance, created as a YA in Uni, went to Fiesta Tech and then moved to Hellsgate Bridge. There he met and married Melissa Fancey and they had a boy, Carl, and a baby girl, Carla. Finch was a Family sim with the LTW "Become Captain Hero."

Download a Durrance!

Christmas Fruitcake. Finch moves to Hellsgate Bridge and invites Melissa Fancey out on a date around Christmastime. (Text only)

The Earliest Finch Pictures. I finally found these!

Sims, Glorious Sims. Carl becomes a toddler and Carla is born, and a general update on the house. The writing is not very good, since I was just getting started on posting Sims stories, but it's still interesting. :)

Legacy Sims Update. Carla survives infancy, Melissa gets pregnant again, and Finch hits permaplat!

The Map. Showing Hellsgate Bridge and where the Durrances live specifically.

Captain Hero!. Finch becomes Captain Hero, and the twins become toddlers.

The Twins Grow Up. Carlos and Carlotta grow up and show no signs of becoming heirs.

Weirdness. Carl gets abducted, then goes to college.

You Two, Out of My Gene Pool! Finch tries out a lot of different careers, Carl meets up with Meadow Thayer at college, and the twins get ready to go to Europe.

Carl and Meadow Come Home, get married, and start working on Gen 3, while Melissa starts working on some old flames.

Tragedy Strikes. Carl suspects Melissa of cheating on him, but the truth is much worse. Meanwhile, Carl and Meadow have their baby.

Two New Additions. Carla becomes an adult and gets interested in her dad's old college friend Sinjin Young.

Life Elixir Makes You Crazy. Carla and Sinjin decide to tie the knot in a marriage of convenience, which makes her father Finch freak out like you wouldn't believe.

It Catches Up To You. Sinjin's view of the family he married into, Finch becomes an elder, and is Carla pregnant at last? Includes naked Sim bum.

A Series of Unexpected Events. Sinjin and Carla have their baby; Carl and Meadow's boys Michael and Mick becomes teens; Carla gets abducted in her scanty lingerie; Finch gets abducted in his track suit; Sinjin gets aroused by ghosts, aliens and other paranormal events. And the heir is chosen!

Wheels of Fate. Some folks become elders, Michael becomes a (hot!) adult, Mick goes to college, Raja shows he's really not all there, and Michael gets engaged. But will it work?

Death in the Desert. Finch forces the other elders (and Sinjin) to meditate in the desert with him. Raja's still spacey, but strikes up a relationship with the grocery delivery girl. Michael confronts his fiance' over her criminal career. More folks become elders, and Michael makes the mistake of using the telescope.

By The Numbers. Michael gives birth to an alien spawn, and he's thrilled about it for monetary reasons. He also makes sure to point out to Raja who's heir and who's not. Undaunted, Raja gets married (to a woman!) and they spawn too. Michael's daughter Fern looks like an anime girl, and Raja's son Wolf looks like a sleepy slacker. They develop an illicit (and game-legal, no hacks!) crush on each other.

Three Funerals and a Wedding. The elder population begins to pass on, Marylena and Raja make their opposing careers work somehow, and Fern and Wolf skip college and get parental approval on their relationship (which is still a bit weird). Fern begins to have second thoughts about it. Plus Raja has plastic surgery.

Ghosts and Generations. The ghosts of Carla and Sinjin roam the property now, and Fern and Wolf have their baby, a remarkably alien-looking girl they call Olive.

My Baby is a Dingo! Fern and Wolf have another girl, the strangely canine Luna, who will probably be the heir, but you never know.

Making Up is Hard to Do. Luna is the Generation 5 heir. Some elders pass on, Luna gets married, some babies are born, and Luna and her husband both get busy with the makeover chair (as madame_ugly says, it's comedy gold!).

I Talk to the Trees (but they don't listen to me so I have to teach them a lesson). Seasons finally come to Hellsgate Bridge! The twins grow up a bit, Remington takes up a new career, and the ghosts are peeved.

Halfway There. A retrospective of the first five generations and their spouses.

Splitting Heirs. Gen 6 grows up, an heir is chosen, gets married, and Gen 7 arrives. Big installment, around 100 pix.

[Untitled update]. Gen 7 continues, there's a talking bunny head, clones, and strangers falling asleep in pancakes!

The Durrances Return! After a very long hiatus, they're back!
Production Notes/Outtakes/Caption Style way of reading this installment

When Bad Things Happen to Hot People. Fire! Near-deaths! Deaths!

Chicks, Beer, and Death. Exactly what it says!

The Drinking Game Installment. The Gen 8s go to college, and Lennart continues work on his lifetime want of 50 First Dates. Drinking game and many makeovers included!

I Am Weasel! The heir has no interest in making the next generation happen! Brenna goes off her meds at the wedding! Cowpunching!

Generations 8 and 9. Finally, some kids get born, someone survives a fire, and someone else carries on the family fashion (non)sense.

Wild and Crazy Guys!. Teenagers grow up, the Gen 9 heir is chosen, and the elders show spectacular fashion sense. Includes up-to-date (as of this installment) family tree!

Raiders of the Lost Park. First of the vacation trips so Ken can get all the memories and skills and badges and everything possible.

Ninja Fail! The trips continue, and Royal proves a very difficult Gen 9 heir with who he's interested in.

What Happens in Vegas... Royal meets his arranged wife-to-be, and Sandy decides Royal needs an education.
Production notes and outtakes for 'What Happens In Vegas'

Can He Have His Cake and Eat It Too? Royal's got a fiance, a boyfriend, and no courage. Who will he pick? Or will it be taken out of his hands?

The Final Chapter: TRUTH. Just what it says. The end of the Durrance Legacy.
Production notes and outtakes and final retrospective of the Durrances

Production Notes
Production notes have "behind the scenes" notes and spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Production Notes for Death in the Desert.
Durrance Family Tree as of May 2006
Production Notes for By The Numbers.
Production Notes for Ghosts and Generations.
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