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CoH Sims: All The Links To All Stories/Posts

I think this is finally all ready. *whew* This took hours to do, but now I can just update it and provide a link instead of making people wade through Memories all the time (or making me wade through Memories looking for links!). Let me know if there's any problems or questions. ^_^

If you're looking for a specific household, you might want do a Search or Find function for names, like (for example) "Jeffries" or "Ramon", just so you don't miss any. ^^;; I tried to not give everything away, but still be comprehensive.

Introducing the Jeffries and Serlings - Almost the earliest CoH Sims update. A couple of pix, after the game had actually started.

Baby Wars begin - the Jeffries and Serlings begin their semi-competition to see which family gets to 10 kids first. These two households are responsible for increasing the population in the Outskirts like you wouldn't believe.

The first actual story post in the Memories (maybe I missed one or two?). Households: Omega, Rayvn. Epsilon (aka "Ep") gets abducted; first appearance of Terecito; first appearance of a teenage Guy Marlin.

Ep's Baby Arrives. Yep, Sorcha the half-albino half-alien chick is born.

People Who Like Landscaping. First appearance (though not mention) of Teff.

Jeffries Update - update on the Jeffries household and all their kids.

The House of Rayvn. Sorcha grows up a bit, Komei Tellerman makes an appearance, everyone peeps on Eric Serling.

Ep's Whirlwind Life. Ep and Komei tie the knot.

Trouble in the Home. Komei and Doc don't get along.

Meanwhile, Down the Block. Lapis and Nightkill move in together; Whirly moves in with T.B. and Iain.

It's That Time of Year. Push Serling and Emerald Jeffries go to college, and we discover that Serling boys get weird facial features as adults.

An Arrival And A Departure. Sorcha becomes a child, Komei adopts baby boy Sebastian, and Doc moves out.

Baby Wars Update. Jeffries family update, that is, including first pix of toddler Ramon.

Wow, Things Get Exciting!. Nexxia moves into the neighborhood; Doc moves in with Nexxia. Also more on Whirly, TB and Iain's place: Whirly tries to woo Iain with disastrous results.

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch. Doc and Nexxia invite some people over and buy some livestock.

College Kids Grow Up. Not a story installment, but Zel Nova and Guy Marlin graduate from college and return to the Outskirts.

You're Cordially Invited. Lapis and Nightkill's wedding. Includes the first real indication of the Manho's sexual magnetism.

Some New Faces. Though the "new faces" were quickly removed from the Outskirts, this installment has a lot on the Serlings. Also introduces the Grunts (from Strangetown) into the Outskirts as well.

There's Something About TB. Catching-up on Zel Nova (the Manho's son, now an adult – we missed his and Guy Marlin's entire college years), Dumont, Whirly, Iain and TB. Iain and TB fall into heavy like; Whirly inadvertently woos a teenage clerk.

Ep and Komei and Family. More about Ep, Sorcha, Komei and Sebastian, and Ep gets a new outfit.

The Serling Seven. The incredibly full house of the Serlings, still shooting for having 10 kids. Serling teen boys are teh hawt. Even though one of them peeps on Ray Jeffries, who comes over to complain.

Not Our Son, Please!. A Jeffries boy gets abducted by aliens; Ramon as a child shows none of his future aspirational tendencies. ^_^

The Boy Who Talked To Himself. Daniel Whitmore starts college and discovers he's got a clone.

Keep On Swimming. Whirly hears her biological clock ticking away, and all the fish tanks in the world won't drown it out.

A Marriage of Minds. Doc and Nexxia tie the knot. Guests include Ray Jeffries, Whirly, Guy Marlin, the Manho, Ep... First appearance of Trolita.

Whirly Gets Her Man!. Whirly meets General Buzz Grunt and they get along very, very well.

Menage a Troll (House of Trolls). Dumont, Gary the Troll and Trolita. Trolita leaves her life of crime and begins lifting herself up out of poverty.

Thief and Hearts. Guy Marlin finally leaves college and moves into his own home, he meets Teff, and thus starts the long-running saga about their household. ^_^ If you read the Guy/Teff installments, this is where it all started.

Ep and Komei Again. Sebastian becomes a child and Sorcha becomes one scary teenager.

A Lull in the Baby Wars. Update on the Serling household; includes the early friendship of Ramon Jeffries and Pyra Serling.

Big Blue and Little Blue. Lapis and Nightkill procreate.

Baby Wars Lull Continues. Jeffries side this time. First real appearance of Khalid, with him aging up to child. A bunch of Jeffries teens head to college.

Whirly Gets a Buzz. General Buzz and Whirly get married; Buck shows his early dislike for people; Ripp decides to go to college. Includes an update on Doc and Nexxia.

The First Gay Wedding in the Outskirts. Guy Marlin and Teff finally tie the knot; Teff starts getting sick shortly thereafter.

So Who Got Abducted This Time? Sorcha gets the baby rabies at an early age, someone gets abducted, and Teff comes over with questions about his own mysterious weight gain.

Hatfields and McCoys, Serlings and Jeffries. Includes an update on Lapis' family; Serlings and Jeffries in college; Ramon becomes a teen (much to Pyra Serling's delight).

Geeks in Wuv. Despite having the sex drives of a couple of wet rags, Doc and Nexxia still manage to bring forth their daughter Skye.

Whirly and the Grunts. Buck Grunt becomes a teenager, Tank goes to college, Whirly gives birth to her and Buzz' daughter Cassandra and almost drops her.

Who's Your Daddy?. Teff's mysterious weight gain is explained amidst much drama.

Pale, Whiter Shade of Pale, and New Minty Green!. The results of Epsilon's second abduction, and Sebastian asks exactly what the aliens are up to.

Two More Gone. More Serling kids ship off to college, and Skye Rayvn (still a child!) shows great interest in teen Nick Serling.

Fire in the Hole!. Ray's mutant-powered fire abilities manifest muchly. Also Khalid finally becomes a teen and decides to take over the world, and his sister Dana meets Tank Grunt.

Little Boy Blue. Terecito reappears after a loooooong absence from CoH Sims. Lapis goes into restaurant work, Jason starts fixating on Khalid Jeffries, and Jason's ginormous belch causes Nightkill to go into labor.

Dorm #1. Mixed Serling/Jeffries dormmates, and more knowledge sims in love.

Is There a Doctor In the House?. Skye Rayvn shows why I chose Romance for her when she finally transitioned to teen, and a tragedy befalls Epsilon and Komei.

(No Title) A new little Grunt arrives, Buck is still weird, and Ripp goes to college.

College Hijinx. More Serlings and Jeffries at college, and a disturbing peek into child Victoria's life.

Two and a Half Men. Guy, Teff and their family; Guy wants another child.

The Curse of Rayvnholme. Someone else gets abducted, and Sorcha has a breakdown just before going to college.

Get Away From My Daughter!. Eric Serling disapproves of his daughter Pyra dating Ramon Jeffries.

Fiesta Tech. Sorcha meets Daniel-2 (Daniel Whitmore's clone) and Forrest Oak at college.

Please Don't Reveal The Secret Ending To Your Friends. Ray Jeffries finally gets a job, Khalid dreams of world conquest, and could this be an end to the Baby Wars?

Riding in Cars with Boys. Lapis loses a lot of the family's money, Jason becomes a teenager and crushes hard on Khalid Jeffries. Includes an appearance by Terecito.

She's Out of Control. Skye Rayvn begins her hoRomance sim life in earnest.

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On. Nick and Victor go to college and discover romance.

A Birthday To Remember Who's walking around in their birthday suit? And who freaks out over it?

A Chainsaw, A 12-Gauge, And Thou. Teff's paranoid gunfreak vengeance, Jason's life of vandalism – all over a garden gnome.

Normal. Sebastian Tellerman isn't odd like all the other kids. And is Zel Nova making a play for Sebastian's adoptive dad Komei?

Graduation for Someone At Last. Oh, thank goodness. ^_^

Choices (at Fiesta Tech). Sorcha can't make up her mind between Daniel-2 and Forrest. (By now, the graphics have greatly improved!)

And in Second Place, The Serlings. Eric Serling wants one more kid, but his wife Vicky's not keen on it. And then she tells him something very interesting...

Business As Usual(?). Good heavens, it's been a long time since we saw Trolita, Dumont and Terecito. Terecito gets a very necessary makeover; Doc makes a deal with Dumont over the ownership of the gaydiation ray; and someone makes Terecito an unexpected offer.

Looking to the Future. Jason and Khalid have a fight, Ramon comes to a birthday party starkers, someone becomes an adult and Ray thinks all is right with the world (ho ho).

The Longest Four Years. Serlings and Jeffries finally declare love, graduate, and move out!

Busted!. Jason decides it's time to tell Khalid how he feels – if the cops don't get them first.

Family Values. Aaron Marlin asks his dads Guy and Teff how he came to be; kids keep stealing the lawn gnome; Guy wants another child; and Teff reveals a secret to Guy.

The Skye's The Limit!. Skye Rayvn goes off to college, and immediately starts making friends and influencing people. Meanwhile, Nexxia becomes an elder.

Fun With The Twins!. Nick and Victor Serling graduate, get married, and have sons. Plus we get to see Guy's mom while she's still an adult.

General Whirly. Buck Grunt becomes an adult and moves out; everyone else in the house moves up an age stage too. And what's their connection with Khalid Jeffries?

Wedding Bells. Komei and Trolita want to get together, but Ep's ghost doesn't approve.

Hello, Goodbye. Epsilon's half-alien daughter Maddox becomes a teen; Komei and Trolita have their own child; and Sebastian goes to college and his own spinoff story, the Tellerman Legacy.

Three's Company. Sorcha, Daniel and Forrest graduate and come to decisions about each other.

Is It Love?. Pyra Serling and Ramon Jeffries are now adults, but can a Romance sim be happy in marriage?

Bright Lights, Big City. Various Serlings grow up, some move out, Will Serling has a chance encounter with the World of Darkness.

Hearts and Beaux and Narrows. Guy and Teff add to the family, Aaron goes on his first date, and discovers his first True Love.

Playing With Fire. Skye Rayvn graduates from college, comes back to the Outskirts – and promptly gets pregnant. What's a Romance ho-sim to do?

A Storm on the Horizon. Terecito finally moves out on his own, only to find he doesn't like living alone. So what does he do? Adopts a baby, of course!

Confessions. Lapis makes some very close friends, and Jason finally tells Khalid how he truly feels.

Jeffries Roundup. Khalid becomes an adult and begins his villainous career; Ray becomes a superhero; Emerald gets married to a Serling.

Unexpected Revelations. Lech "The Manho" Nova calls his son Zel back to the old family home and drops a metaphorical bomb on him.

A Fine Mess. Sorcha gets married, but who's the father?

It's Not My Fault!. Trouble at Ramon and Pyra's place.

First Love, First Kiss, First Trouble. Teff Marlin doesn't approve of who his son Aaron is dating, and Guy loses his job.

A Love and Hate Story. Jason has issues, then goes to college. Younger brother Charles decides on a career of rescuing hot chicks from danger. Meanwhile, Jason discovers the handsome (and definitely not-shy) Ripp Grunt is in the same dorm.

A Growing Storm. Terecito's adopted son Storm grows up, and gets dangerously cute in the process.

It's Not What You Might Think. The Nova household: Zel gets serious about finding a wife, someone gets abducted, someone moves out, there's a wedding, there's multiple babies – this is a huge update and pretty important to other storylines, too.

Immortals. The six "Immortals" of the Outskirts meet; none of them are aging, and it's becoming obvious, and what should they do about it? Includes some backstory and important information on Terecito, Ray Jeffries, Eric Serling, Teff and Guy Marlin, and Dumont.

Oh No! Not Again!. Sorcha has another kid – who's the father this time?

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. The Novas (and Buck Grunt) try to get the kids into private school; Buck shows off his new cowplant to Lech, who plans to use it to reclaim his youth.

Old Soldiers. Tank Grunt and Dana Jeffries finally graduate, they get married, and the Jeffries hold an impromptu family reunion, just before the old soldiers fade away and a new Grunt arrives.

A Time For Goodbyes. Doc and Nexxia pass on, but not before giving Skye a warning about...

Secrets and Lies. Takes place immediately after "Immortals," technically. Teff tells more of his backstory, how he became an Immortal. Also, Guy's mom comes to stay – "just for a few days."

Loose Lips Sink (Relation)Ships. Pyra finally catches Ramon cheating – with a man.

High School Big Shot!. Storm Alvarado, Terecito's adopted son, makes plenty of friends, and finds out quite a lot of gossip that way. He also asks Terecito about the facts of life, and goes on his First Big Date. Meanwhile, Ramon Jeffries comes by looking for a place to stay – "just for a few days."

The Doctor Is Out. Vicky Serling, wife of Immortal Eric, meets her end with dignity and class. Meanwhile, her son Will goes to college with his sweetheart, the half-alien girl Maddox.

On the Skids. Will and Maddox go to Uni; Erica Serling and Alan Jeffries graduate from Uni and get engaged; Eric Serling took Vicky's death hard and can't stop grieving.

Sorcha and the Baby Rabies. Sorcha has more babies by different dads, and every single kid looks different. Plus oldest daughter Willow notices Benjamin Long and his nose, and Daniel-2 decides all this baby stuff just ain't for him any more.

The Cook, The Thief, His Life and Some Brothers. Ramon Jeffries discovers something unpleasant and dumps it on Terecito.

Very Bad News. The cowplant eats one of the Nova household, Buck Grunt goes on the run, and heirship is suddenly in question.

Death (And Taxes). Khalid Jeffries sets up his Villainous Super Secret Base, gets some local criminally-minded sims to join him (like Cassandra Grunt, Daniel-2, and others), and has to rescue his brother from death. It kind of backfires.

Favorites. The Marlin household from Joey's point of view. Drama, mama.

Bad Becoming Normal. Teff confronts Guy about Guy's mother, who's still living with them and actively dislikes Teff.

Fading Skye. What happens when a Romance sim starts getting old? Plus Terecito has suspicions about his son Storm's parentage.

A No-Win Situation. Guy tells his mother she has to leave. It's not a happy interaction.

Til Death Do Us Part. Pyra Serling remarries, for reasons other than love.

Danger! Death Ray! (Text only) Daniel-2 and Cass Grunt find something interesting on the old Rayvn farm.

His Daddy's Eyes. Terecito moves into a bigger house, and the twins become kids. Who do they resemble most?

Moving Day. The last of the Jeffries kids move out to college; Ray and Jamie get a new house; and one of the kids moves back home. Plus Jamie's not too happy with Ray's sin of omission.

Villain Interlude. So what were the villains up to, while Ray and Jamie moved to a new house?

Secret Admirer. Alan Jeffries and Erica Serling get married... and Ramon shows up at the wedding party.

Full House. Sorcha has her sixth and final kid, and most of the rest age up quite a bit. No two really look alike, either.

Omega House. Storm Alvarado and his Greek house at the Academie. Ripp Grunt makes a very special greeting to Aaron Marlin.

Legal Matters. Zel Nova discovers more problems with his dad the Manho's will, and also has a heart attack. Meanwhile, Tori (Serling) Nova gets with her dad about a few things.

Twingenuity. Terecito's adopted twins Thunder and Lightning grow up a bit, we see their personalities, and Terecito adopts another unwanted orphan.

College Changes Things. Eight college kids graduate, a few propose, and most of them get bizarre transitional outfits!

Five Things. Five things Ramon finds attractive about Eric Serling, and he also makes a fateful decision.

Endgame: One Last Chance. Ramon goes to confront Khalid, and discovers a horrible plot afoot.

Endgame: Two Minute Warning. Ramon warns Eric Serling about the villains' plans, but at what cost? And was he fast enough?

Endgame: Three to Get Ready. The villains attack, starting with Dumont's family.

Endgame: Four Strikes. The Marlins are next on the list, and someone shows surprising new powers.

Endgame: Five Familiar Faces. Buck Grunt and his undead army appear.

Endgame: Six Ways From Sunday. Ray Jeffries has to make a fateful decision, and someone new appears.

Endgame: Seventy Times Seven. The Jeffries family gains one and loses one.

Endgame: Eight Arms to Hold You. The Marlins also gain a new family member, but not everyone welcomes the idea.

Endgame: Nine Day Wonder. The Marlins resolve (some of) their family squabbles.

Endgame: Ten Times the Victor. The Immortals make very important plans, and Ray and Jamie have a sad moment.

A Very Special CoH Sims Thanksgiving. November 2005. Has nude Sim bums and lots of snark.

Simsational!: A Sims 2 Fan Soundtrack. My first (so far only) "generic" Sims 2 soundtrack. Pretty good, if I do say so myself. :) Includes cover art.

Fic Summaries (Text Only) Includes a summary of a what-if story involving Skye Rayvn and the Manho, Lech Nova.

Age-Related Fun. Copying Sims off, running them through CAS and adjusting their ages up or down to see what they might've looked like as kids (for the founders). And sometimes seeing what they'd look like as the opposite gender, too, just for kicks! Continued here and here. Oh, and here.

Some Family Trees - screencaps of the family trees, with labels added, to help clear up who's who and how they're related. Covers the Marlins, The Grunts (including Whirly and the girls she had with Buzz), the Jeffries clan, the Serling clan. Only up-to-date as of April 2006. Sorcha's family tree is here.

And His Nickname is Dreamy McShootsalot. Since this is CoH Sims, that means all the founders are created off CoH characters. Khalid Jeffries, a sim born in-game, then got translated to City of Villains, where he's a criminal mastermind. These are pictures of Khalid and this thug minions.

Now They're Cooking With Gas (Text Only) Ray Jeffries and Terecito Alvarado, competing on Full Metal Chef!

A Visit to the Orphanarium - seeding the adoption pool with custom toddlers and plenty of snark.

Fanservice #1 - featuring Guy and Teff.

CoH Sims Fan Soundtrack: No One Lives Forever. Fan soundtrack of songs relating to the entire CoH Sims storyline. Includes cover art.

Terecito Fanart by syrusb. Terecito goodness. :)

Ramon photoshoot. Requested by pixelcurious.

Terecito photoshoot. Requested by madame_ugly. Involves underwear and is probably only borderline worksafe, so you've been warned.

Teff photoshoot. Requested by iceraptoress.

Khalid and Alan photoshoot. Requested by shewolfe.

Nova Kids Picspam - some photos of Storm, Thunder and Lightning, all sons of Lech "Manho" Nova.

Before They Were Sims - City of Heroes screencaps of the CoH Sims characters, before they became sims.

A Case of the Uglies - some ugly spawn from Sorcha and Maddox, half-alien sisters. Some real doozies in here!

So Whatever Happened To... (text only) Wrapping up some loose ends, like who gets custody of Tadlek, and more.

Outtakes, Random Pix and Production Notes
Random Pix have just a link, no title.
Earliest picture of Lech "The Manho" Nova.
Even After Death - random pic
Outtakes from The Doctor Is Out
Makeover speculation for Eric Serling, and Eric again, and Terecito.
Outtakes from On the Skids
Outtakes from The Cook, The Thief, His Life and Some Brothers
Outtakes from Death (And Taxes)
Outtakes from Favorites and Bad Becoming Normal
Outtakes from No One Lives Forever and Fading Skye

Important: Production notes entries often have behind-the-scenes and spoilers discussions.
Production Notes for Old Soldiers
Production Notes for A Time For Goodbyes
Production Notes for Secrets and Lies
Production Notes for Loose Lips Sink (Relation)Ships
Production Notes for High School Big Shot!
Production Notes for The Doctor Is Out
Production Notes for On the Skids
Production Notes for Sorcha and the Baby Rabies
Production Notes for The Cook, The Thief, His Life and Some Brothers
Production Notes for Death (And Taxes)
Production Notes for Favorites and Bad Becoming Normal
Production Notes for No One Lives Forever (Soundtrack)
Production Notes for Til Death Do Us Part
Random Sims Pic
Production Notes for Moving Day
Production Notes for Secret Admirer and Full House
Production Notes for Twingenuity
Outtakes from Two Minute Warning
Production Notes for Three to Get Ready
Production Notes for Four Strikes
Production Notes for Five Familiar Faces
Random Sims Pictures of the Day
Production Notes for Six Ways From Sunday
It's a Zombie Jamboree! - outtakes from "Endgame: Five Familiar Faces".
Production Notes for Seven Times Seventy and Eight Arms to Hold You
Production Notes for Nine Day Wonder
Production Notes for Ten Times the Victor
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  • New Circle Pines teens

    While you're waiting for the Grand Finale of the Black Widow story, here's a few other pix to check out! Due to Circle Pines' unhealthily high…

  • Sims Q&A!

    sammyfrog picked me (yay!) to answer some Sims question as part of the Liebster Award... which is basically a Q&A about sims and sim…

  • Uninstalled

    I checked last night and discovered it's been 6 months or so since I last played Sims 2. So I uninstalled last night (and let me tell you, that was…