Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Bla blahblahblah blah

Did the Steel Canyon mayhem with Simaster, finally got his first Sharkhead contact, so I've got stuff to work on there. Actually managed at least one side mish there, but not quite the second one - just got swamped. Broke out of jail twice, but debt is probably my friend now, so hey. ;)

Prepped the next purse project - the berry sampler had kinda become the "take-along" project for a few weeks, and now that it's done, I need to start the next purse project. Um, except it's not really small enough for a purse. ^^;; Esp. since right now I'm using the fanny pack in lieu of a purse.

Then I need to get the Viking longship back under way after taking a couple months off. I can't get it done in time for Dad's birthday in August, but I can maybe shoot for Christmas.

Tried taking the kids to the park today, Imp liked it, Pixie said it was too hot (85 with high humidity). OTOH it rained in the afternoon, so that was our only shot at going outdoors today, I'm afraid. ^_^
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