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Happy Birthday Toly!

Today is Toly's birthday. He's 34. In another month, he and I will have been together half our lives. Yes, it's true.

In our first week of college together, we met at the gaming society. He's always said he was struck by how I looked, and so he went along with my offer to run a Ghostbusters RPG for people.

In another week, he proposed to me. I said we had to wait until we graduated from college and got good jobs. *^_^*

Seven years later, we had said jobs and he won lots of prizes and a trip for two to Hawai'i on a game show. We had our honeymoon package ;) so we got married the next April.

Today we're still together, with two kids, a house, way too many hours invested in games and gaming, and we're still having loads of fun and good times together.

I love you, hon. Happy birthday. :)
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