Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Xstitch, then and now

Found an old entry that detailed my to-do xstitch list from about 2 years ago.

# 8-count set of 6 teapots for upper kitchen wall: 1 teapot mostly finished
# 18-count set of 4 hummingbird coasters: 1 coaster about halfway finished
# "State Flower" afghan: just barely started (need to find it, btw)
# FF8 chibis: got started on Seifer and Irvine, but the skin tones are all messed up, so that's why I quit it a while back.
# "(Name's) Kitchen is Seasoned With Love" southwest-themed kit
# set of 4 matched zodiac kits: Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius
# Celtic variegated designs, two
# many, many variations on citrus fruit
# Grand Canyon piece for my folks
# Family tree/grandchildren piece for mother-in-law

Of that list, the teapots, hummingbird coasters, Celtic variegated, one citrus fruit (maybe two, since I didn't list them) have been done.
The afghan and FF8 chibis never got touched, partly because I couldn't find them.
The kitchen and zodiac ones are still in the to-do list, unopened.
I opened the Grand Canyon piece but never started it.
I didn't do the family tree/grandchildren piece for MIL because it's on stamped and I hate working on stamped.

I've completed at least ten other projects of various size. O_o;

Is it worthwhile to have one of these lists when I obviously change my mind so much? ;)

Xposted to cross_stitch.
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