Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Last night's CoV pix

A good night in CoV last night and Wyrd Witch's first big teaming experience. :)

WW was level 6, so I got her over to Cap au Diable where us level-16s would be playing. Also helped with her enhancements and chose superjump for her travel power. Anyway, because Omega's on vacation, we had a 5-person team. Below, from left to right: Kementi am Besek (dominator), Darkfire (corrupter), Wyrd Witch (brute) and OMG U R HAWT (dominator, and yes that's her actual character name :). Pretty Hatemachine (mastermind) is offscreen to the left getting her bots ready.

Did several CaD missions without much trouble. Of course WW was our only brawler, but we lackeyed her and Hawt (level 8ish?) and generally did OK until we came to an Arachnos map - you know, the really laggy one. Darkfire finally got to use his combat rez! :D And boy does it take forever to recharge, too. Anyway, on the Arachnos map, all of us but PHM got waxed (Bugs, Mr. Rico! Millions of 'em! Way too many Goldbrickers) and they chased PHM clear back to the door. Eep. At least we finished it out.

Several people dinged, which was cool, and I think Dark is now at least 1/2way to his next level. I had a lot of fun, hope you all did too. :) Here's some more pix:

Wyrd Witch dancing:

Wyrd Witch trying to get grumpy Darkfire to dance along with her. I love that Dark is perpetually PO'd looking. XD
Tags: city of heroes/villains, darkfire
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