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It's been a while, so here's some pix from the past month or so.

Pixie in her Strawberry Shortcake pajamas, and you can kinda see the picture on the shirt. Those are her favorite pajamas.

Pixie used some magnetic pieces to make this scene. "It's an early horse and a tree." She knows all about "early horses" and how they had extra toes and things like that.

Prep for Imp's birthday party: he asked for yellow cake. I had a white cake mix already on hand, so I added yellow coloring to it. ^_^ Then used red, blue and green coloring and a new paintbrush to put faces on the cupcakes, because that's far less messy than frosting.

Mom adds the finishing touch: three toy cars, with birthday candles attached via drops of melted wax.

Cars and cake - what more could a boy ask for! :D


There were several presents, but the big one was the one Imp had asked for since Christmas: "my big Scrambler!" Scrambler is the name of a remote-controlled ATV toy. Scrambler, it should be noted, eats batteries for four solid meals a day. (That's Toly next to Imp, for those who're new.)

Of course, Pixie got a present too so she wouldn't feel left out. Albeit it's an odd one IMO: A My Little Pony toy that... has a motor scooter and a purse. Buh?

Imp doing his best to look like he's got raver goggles. ^_^ They're swim goggles that he insisted on wearing on his forehead.
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