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Meme, 5 questions

Five questions from saintnicster.

If the 9's weren't around anymore, would you still play CoX?
I think so. After all, Toly and I could still play together, and just because the 9s might be gone doesn't necessarily mean all my friends would be gone too. ;) I might find or found another SG, or join another one. I do like the regularly scheduled playing times, though, so that would be a big feature for me.

Where would you like to travel in the US? in the world?
US: Alaska, and the last of the vanishing roadside attractions. You know, like "world's biggest ball of twine" or "See Rock City" or that kind of thing. Just get an RV and cruise. That would be a blast. Hey, as long as I've got the RV and unlimited time/money, visit a bunch of my LJ friends too.
World: Poland, Argentina, Australia. Southeast Asia seems interesting but the health issues spook me a bit.

Is there anything about Pixie and Imp that you are really proud of (something that just stands out above everything else)?
Hm. Pixie's love of nonfiction and science and her boundless energy. Imp's general boyishness. :) I know that's kind of vague for him, but he hasn't had as much time to develop things yet. ;)

Who are your favorite alts in CoX? favorite households in Sims 2?
CoX: Ray, Boneshatter, and Terecito on the hero side. I've really gotten to like Darkfire in CoV; a couple of "concept" toons I've got on there should get more love. ;)
Sims 2: Whenever I play a household it becomes my favorite. ;) Having said that, right now it's the Novas (Lech, Zel, etc.), Sorcha's (all them babies!), my Legacy households, Terecito's, Guy/Teff. Yeah, Eric and Ray get short shrift, but it's because I don't know what to do with them half the time. ;D That's part of the reason for the recent Immortals sideplot, was to try to bring them back into the fold.

$2000 is dropped in front of you, no strings attached. What do you do/buy?
Toly: You'd buy twin character portraits.
Me: Har de har. It's two grand.
Toly: Oh, I'm sorry. You'd get a dozen.

Seriously, though, I'd probably use it to fix the freakin' bathroom after all these months. ;D Given that there would be something left over, um, maybe a character portrait. ^^;; Or lawn care. I'm just too darn practical when it comes to money. ;) Oh, or summer program stuff for the kids. :)
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