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I forgot this one

pixelcurious asked about Victoria Serling (now Tori Nova). As she put it...

Also, cover Tori's ears first, but is she maybe a little better-looking as a man? I dig her smart-chick librarian libido vibe thing, but she is kind of mannish looking... ;)

Here's Tori as an adult. Remember, she's the daughter of Vicky Serling, who donated awful cheekbones and noses to all her sons. Still, the daughters seem to have turned out OK. Remember that all Serlings had elf ears as teens but lost them as YA/Adults.

So I clicked the button to switch Tori to a man, and... AIEE! Nose! Cheekbones! That chin! Never mind the hideous fashion sense.

Closeup of male!Tori. I removed the makeup since it looked very strange on a male face.

So there you have it. Tori might look a bit mannish as a woman, but she'd be infinitely worse as a man.

By the way, just for fun, I matched up Tori in CAS with a few different males, and you know what? Daughters come out OK, but males still inherit the awful cheekbones/noses. So the Serling children that have had their own male offspring (Nick and Victor come to mind) - well, those boys are likely still carrying those awful genes. Vicky's granddaughters (via Pyra and Tori) will probably be OK, but man, it's going to take a while to breed those out. I might just not let the boys have kids.

I have to say, I never thought the Serling kids would be so snakebit. As opposed to the Jeffries clan, who seem to have turned out uniformly good-looking kids.
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