Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Arts & crafts

Slept well. Got to sleep in today (until 7:30!) because Pixie's Spring Break is in progress. Imp slept until almost 8.

Toly says that with the tax refund coming in, I can get a small fanart if I want. Yay! XD So now I need to decide which character of mine gets arted up, heh. I mean, there's so many... help me choose? ^_~

Today I hope to finish up that fic - Toly read it last night, said there's no major plot holes or anything - and get it posted.

My bro & his family come in extremely late tonight at the airport, but for all practical purposes I probably won't see them until Saturday. Mom and I already agreed that tomorrow everyone will probably be too tired to get together - it's a 90 minute drive from the airport and their flight doesn't get in until 11:30 or so at the earliest.

Well, on to work on that fic, and see if I can get it done before the daily chores begin! ^_^
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