Laridian (laridian) wrote,

First Batch o' Meme Photos

From pixelcurious:
1. Your next meal
2. A toy with a history behind it (can be yours or one of your kids')
3. The shoes you wear most often

So, ready?

I'd already had breakfast, so this is Second Breakfast. Yes, just like hobbits. Hey, it was four hours later!

Yes, an elderly Lean Pocket found in the freezer. As small as those things are, they're still 280 calories each.
I guess I should've put the plastic tumbler of iced tea in there too, eh?

These were Pixie's favorite baby toys. We called them "Buddy Bug"s. Buddy was what she went to sleep with, cuddled with, gave her comfort, and so on. We had two so that at any given time one Buddy could be in the wash. Eventually she outgrew them with some help from us (I hid them), but I still have them. :) She loved those Buddies to bits. There used to be a third, but he got lost... which is when we started buying a few more, just in case.

Circled in red. The black sneakers are Toly's, the small shoes belong to the kids, and the sandals at the top are the "dress flipflops sandals". But the circled ones, I can wear those to the beach, outside, inside, to the store, wherever. They've got very thick soles, which is why I love them so much; the kitchen floor is quite hard and my feet will hurt after standing on it without adequate cushioning.
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