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The Impster took a bit sick yesterday - was extremely cuddly and tired, mostly, but it made doing anything else a bit difficult when I was cuddling him so much. ^_^ He seems better this a.m. (yay!).

During his naptimes I got a lot more of the runes done - soon I'll be on to the next part at last.

Tellerman photos are all taken, but need editing and organizing, so probably tomorrow.

Forgot to run the dishwasher last night. -_-;

Watched Mom and Dad Save the World. Man, that movie's funny. It's a lighthearted fluffy movie but man, it's fun.

I'm letting the guilt override me on the Spring Gala thing. I'm going to the meeting this morning to at least see what's going on. If they insist on me being in charge, I can at least give them the bad news in person. >_>; Oh, the theme his "Around the World" so I'm guessing the decorations need to be multiculti. I still don't know how to decorate for this sort of thing, even with a budget. Streamers? Flags? What?

So last night I did "dinner from boxes" 'cause it was quick and easy, right? Shake & Bake chicken, instant mashed potatoes, frozen carrots. Pixie declared it the best meal she'd ever eaten and asked repeatedly if I could make it every night. O__o; While I'm flattered she liked it so much, and it is an easy meal, I never thought it would be that particular combo, you know?
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