Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Mm, coffee

Finally got the Tellerman boys through college. Yeah, I sent 'em anyway. Thank goodness for sewing and needlework to keep me busy while they build up mad skillz. However, there are no pictures of that part except for makeovers, so it'll still be a while. I hope to have a Tellerman update within a day or two.

CoH Fic: still struggling. Maybe I should work on someone else's POV for a bit.

Did eBay last night, got familiar with it. Posted a bunch of xstitch and embroidery kits/charts that I know I'll never do. One of the kits, on actual inspection, could've used some better organization. The front text talks all about how great the kit is, but says nothing about the contents. I could tell there was thread, fabric, directions, but not if there was a needle. Oh, and I deduced on my own some of the "extras" in the kit. Sheesh. It's an interesting kit (though just not "me"), so I hope it still sells.
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