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CoH Sims: It's Not My Fault!

Bonus points if you get the title reference. ;) This is a much shorter update than I usually do, but at least you get one this way. Plus these pix were taken before the new skin/eye installments, so for the sake of consistency within installments, I'd rather not "mix" the looks within one story.

Ramon and Pyra Jeffries continued to work in their respective careers: Ramon in the restaurant belonging to Terecito Alvarado, and Pyra in law enforcement. Ramon just couldn't get much enthusiasm to work for a position above that of server, which irked Pyra's parents quite a bit.

"Pyra, you've got to have a more reliable income," her father said one day. "What happens when you decide to start a family? If you want to stay home, you can't live on a server's salary."

"Daddy, we'll be fine," Pyra tried to reassure him. "We're watching our pennies, and in a pinch, maybe Ramon will be a Mister Mom just like you were."

"Sweetie-pie," Eric said, a little exasperated, "I know you love him - "

"Of course I do!"

" - but you could've done better. You could've gone to college, he could've gone to college. Pyra, I just don't want you regretting this later in life. Think about this seriously, before you decide to have a bigger family."

"We'll be fine," Pyra repeated. "There's nothing to worry about, Daddy."

The next day, though, Pyra (who got a makeover including a more professional haircut) brought it up to Ramon herself. "Honey, we could really use the extra money. D'you think you could either ask Terecito for a raise, or maybe try a little harder for a promotion?"

"Okayyy," Ramon sighed. He loved Pyra, sure, but man, this was such a drag. He had a job, wasn't that enough?

Soon, Pyra's money concerns became real, when she told Ramon exactly why they needed more money. Their frequent form of physical entertainment had borne fruit, so to speak.

"That's great, honey!" Ramon enthused out loud, while privately feeling like he was forced into a tighter trap.

"We need to think of names," Pyra said happily. "Except I think all the family names got used up between my brothers and sisters and yours..."

"Ramona?" Ramon suggested.

"No, that sounds too much like 'Junior'."

"How 'bout Pyrone?"


With the naming debate ongoing throughout the pregnancy, Ramon bought some new clothes to bolster his self-esteem.

Then the worst happened: Pyra, already on maternity leave, heard a car arrive outside. It was too early for Ramon to get home, but home he was: he'd been fired.

"Ramon! What happened?" Pyra thought her husband had been on good terms with the ex-Outcast.

"Eh, I, uh... served... some bad gumbo... somethin'. I mean, like, the boss is kind of a jerk, I just made a couple mistakes, y'know?"

For the first time Pyra allowed some misgivings to creep into her heart. Maybe her dad had been right after all - no, no, that would be too embarrassing to admit that she'd made a mistake. Besides, maybe this was for the best.

Ramon, for his part, didn't bother to mention the real reason he'd been fired: inappropriate behavior with a customer (not to mention having a customer in the kitchen).

"Well," Pyra said, trying to make the best of things, "You'd better see about a new job if we don't want to move back in with my folks - or your folks."

Ramon wasn't that keen on work, but he really didn't want to move back to either parental house, so he tried buttering up Lapis Lizard one night, downplaying the incident (which had apparently made the rounds of the local restaurant industry).

"Look, man, I really need a job, what with the baby on the way..."

Lapis said he'd think about it.

Ramon hadn't found another job by the time the baby came, a girl.

She had red hair and gray eyes. "Uh, Pyra, she doesn't look like... I mean..."

"Oh, Ramon, don't be silly. Your mother's got red hair, and she's got my eyes. I think she looks very Irish - "

"Are we Irish?" Ramon hadn't ever really thought about national heritage before.

"Well, you probably want to check on your side. Let's call her Brigid."

Man... now I really gotta get a job. Ramon wished he'd never set eyes on Pyra all those years ago.
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