Laridian (laridian) wrote,

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Re: Auto Assault

Message: Ooooh..... shineh...

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Yeah, I just went through the newbie tutorial for the Auto Assault beta. Oooh. Toly says he's allowed to say he's in it, apparently, but not much else, so I can't go into detail, but... mm. (Yeah, like you all wanna hear about my character, I'm sure. :P ) Gonna have to try some more of that tomorrow...

Meanwhile, today, I got a sunburn. O_O It was a nice day and yeah, the sun felt kinda warm on my arm, and I wore a tanktop... when Imp got his shower I noticed the back of his neck was a little pink. Didn't think much about it until it was time for me to change, later, and we realized I have some bright geek-white stripes on my shoulders, set nicely against the hot pink of my right arm, right shoulder, neckline, and upper back. (Not so much my left arm; apparently I kept it in shade more often, or something.)

It doesn't hurt yet, but I had Toly put some aloe stuff on it just to be safe. Interestingly, no pinkness on anyone's face, probably because living in the subtropics gets your faces inured to daily doses of solar radiation whether you like it or not. (I do have some raccoon-eye effect thanks to constantly wearing sunglasses, but that's kind of a year-round thing for me, I guess.)
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