Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Took the kids to a park for a while; they had a great time loading up Imp's dump truck with pinecones and sticks (which we left behind 'cause they might have bugs in 'em). Tried visiting the Downtown Produce store. It's still not open. I should note that it has been over four years since that store took shape, and it's still not open. I remember this because I was still working at A'tron and it's right across the street from A'tron, and the walls were up and the roof was on and windows, and the sign, etc., and the office staff were saying "Boy, won't it be nice when that place opens up and we can just walk across to get some fresh fruit or vegetables or lunch?"

...I quit working on 30 Nov 2001, so that tells you how long it's been going on.

One of the guys "working" (for certain values of working, which mostly concerned benchwarming and smoking to my untrained eye) said it would be another 2-3 weeks before it was open. Yeah, like I'm gonna believe that any more.

Anyhoo. Made popcorn for the kids, have resisted it; might make softboiled eggs and toast instead. I have to say the veggie fishsticks chicken nuggets did hold me for a while. I got a teeny bit more strawberries xstitch done at the park. I hope to get posts done within the hour of what I've achieved lately on that front. ;)

In other news, despite being a little sluggish earlier, I feel really pretty good today. It occurred to me that my no-(diet)-soda ban for Lent is causing me to decaf somewhat. I normally have 2 measuring-cups of coffee in the a.m., and then around lunchtime a diet fake Mountain Dew or two. Since those are now off limits, I'm having less caffeine than normally. So maybe today I'm starting to recover from the withdrawal. ;)

PS It's 78 degrees, sunny, breezy, and wonderful, which, according to the temperature inversion theory proposed by saintnicster, means Tulsa, OK should prepare for a nasty blizzard. ;P

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