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For the folks following the Sims stories, you might want to look this over.

Okay. Once again, the # of people and households is climbing, and I've got a problem with the storytelling. Namely, I can't play every household because it'll take forever to do things. I already dropped a bunch of characters, and I think it's time for other to become minors. So here's how the character breakdowns occur.

Group 1: The Legacies
The Durrance and Tellerman legacies stay. They have only one household apiece, it's just a matter of fitting them in amongst the CoH stories. Yes, I need to get back to them, pronto.

Group 2: The Lucky Ones
These folks will continue to have major installments about them, at least for a while.
Forrest/Daniel 2/Sorcha: I wanna see how their babies turn out, honestly.
Ramon/Pyra: Same thing, plus I suspect Ramon will eventually have a nervous breakdown of some kind and I want to see it happen.
Ray/Jamie Jeffries: Much as I'm gonna hate seeing Ray get old, it probably needs to happen at some point. Plus they've got the last of the 10 kids still at home, and I need to get them out the door.
Eric/Vicky Serling: Also have a few kids to unload out of the house, though Will is now a teenager. Eric's got a shard piece, so technically he can live forever, too. Have to figure out what to do with him though. ;)
Victoria Serling: At least long enough for her to marry Mr. Big!
Will Serling: At least long enough to see if he marries Ms. Big, or if the Contessa reaches him first.
Guy/Teff/Aaron/Joey: One of my favorite households, so they stay.
Terecito: I have plans for him down the road.
Lapis/Nightkill/Jason/Charles: Long enough for the parents to become elders, and for Jason's storyline with Khalid to play out.
Komei/Trolita/Maddox: Same kinda thing, waiting for Maddox to become adult and K&T to become elder. Plus their lot's bugged. :(
Doc/Nexxia/Skye I plan to keep playing Skye for a while, at least. ^_^

Group 3: The Leftovers
These characters I don't have much interest in, so they'll likely stay on as background people to interact with. But I don't anticipate actually playing their households much.
Zel Nova
Daniel 1
(sorry, folks, Daniel 2 got way more interesting)
Guy's mom/Manho (though the manho's great fun to have show up, he hasn't done that much lately, and I need to age him up to elder anyway)

The remaining college kids (Dana, Ripp, Alan, Erica, whoever else is left... I kinda lost track of these people and really don't have much interest in pursuing them at this point. So maybe they all moved out of town or something)

Group 4: Shrug
I might play these households out a bit, we'll see.
The Grunts
(once Whirly hit elder, I have to say, her kids just aren't that interesting... :/ )

All this is partly for my benefit and partly to explain why we won't be seeing what happened to some of these folks. I mean... as much as I love, say, Brent Jeffries as an adult, or want to see how the genetics play out in some of these marriages, it's just getting to be too much. I think if I hadn't forced 19 kids out between the Serlings and Jeffries alone, I wouldn't be in this mess, but, oh well. O_o; I can explain some of it easily – Push and Summer, for instance, are both Knowledge sims, and I already did that route with Doc and Nexxia. So maybe Push and Summer are a childless couple for some reason, quietly living out their lives together. I'm not looking at bumping anyone off, but at least this way I won't have the "oh, crap, look at that giant list" over my head. At least, not quite so much – as you can see, the list of playable households is still pretty long! ^^;;

As always, if anyone's got a reasonable case to make for a household not in Groups 1 or 2, let me know. ^_^
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