Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Had a burst of housecleaning activity in the morning; have been doing a lot of xstitch on the longship chart. I have no idea if some of these blended colors will even be noticeable next to each other. You stitchers at home, some of the combos are, for example, 347 & 3721 and 816 & 3721. Put them next to each other. Will there be a visible difference even under strong light?

Healthwise, Imp is doing better than Pixie so far, even though he's sick, because she's tired 'cause she refused to nap. Cold front is supposed to come in tonight, and I've got a bit of a cold-air cough coming on (ugh). Otherwise, still on the mend, and I'm enforcing less activity for the kids so they don't overexert and have a relapse. Plus my lips feel constantly chapped, but they usually do when I have a cold.

Guess that's it at the moment. Maybe something more interesting later on? We'll see. ^_^ I guess if I get far enough along on the longship I can scan/post...
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