Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Random other crap

My folks taped the Super Bowl for us so we're finally, slowly getting to see the commercials. I'm so glad I stopped watching Lost after the first season. When the "addicted to Lost" commercial came on my first thought was "Well, it's jumped the shark." Some of the other commercials aren't bad though.

Re-reading Collapse, skipping right to the good parts (so to speak - does this make me morbid?). I remember when Jared Diamond first published his article about the Mangareva-Henderson-Pitcairn connections, and Collapse has a whole giant chapter dedicated to that. Okay, I'm a Jared Diamond dork, I admit it, and I'm proud! :P

My hair refuses to behave this a.m.

It's nice to have coffee again.

I keep eagerly anticipating the Viking Longship/Runes xstitch chart in the mail, even though I don't think it's even shipped yet. ^^;; Mind, there's a few other things I'm eagerly anticipating and haven't heard about either...

Can't wait for my folks to get back into town. They cashed in some frequent flier miles and took a few-day trip to the Keys. At least since we all have cell phones we can communicate at any time now. Even Mom is leaving her 'phone on most of the time. XD
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