Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Xstitch: Berry samper update

It's been a week, so time for a berry sampler xstitch update.

Here's last week's pic, 31 January:

Here's this week's pic, as of last night (6 February):

New stuff done:
The top border is finished and I've started work on the currant leaf.
Did quite a lot on the gooseberry (to the left of the elderberry).
A teensy bit of a raspberry leaf.
Continued on bilberry.

I'd like to estimate I'm half done, but I couldn't really say for sure. I do need to come up with a bottom border at some point, but I'll probably do that last. I'd really like to work on the top tier of berries because it's probably the easiest - lots of beads, which won't get done until the end. Plus the leaves are pretty simple compared to the raspberry leaves. The strawberries are kind of on hold 'cause I miscounted the middle one somehow and I realllly don't want to get into ripping & restitching right now. ;) (Or figuring out how to hide the miscount).

Xposted to cross_stitch.
Tags: berry sampler, xstitch
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