Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Brain dump

- Got Pixie's haircut today.
- Making hamburgers for lunch. Imp calls them "hammaburgers" which either sounds like Hami(don)burgers for you CoH people, or Hammer(time)burgers if you're goofy. ;) But dang he'll eat two full-size homemade burgers if he can. Unfortunately, I have 5 burgers cooking and 1 bun. (Yes, five. Toly is having two, one apiece for the kids, one for me)
- My head doesn't hurt today. Not sure if it's the extra sleep or if because I was sleeping, I wasn't doing whatever it was that was causing the headache.
- I found this xstitch chart which I think my dad would love. Sign... do I buy it even though I said I wasn't going to do any more? I really like the design, and could probably order a decent appropriately-colored evenweave (instead of linen) or aida to do it on, even.

PS: LJ screwed up the timestamps on all the earlier posts (starting at 11:52 am, it says, when I know for a fact that one was posted before 7 am) and now it's insisting I correct everything. Bite me, LJ.
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