Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Sim Laridian

Sooner or later everyone does this - tries to make a sim of themselves. I won't play them 'cause that still feels too weird, but I did mess around in the character creator and did my best.

You've seen pix of me, Toly and the kids, so you kinda know what to expect. Well, my hairstyle/color just doesn't appear in Sims. Brown is too brown and blond is too blond. So I compromised with a blond hairstyle that kinda matches the one I have in real life, only it doesn't do a very good job.

Also, there is no way I've had a Sim body like that since college. ;D I did the best on the clothes - T shirt and jeans.

Really doesn't look much like me. Feh.

I did much better with the rest of the family. Here's Toly. It looks an awful lot like him, and I even found a pale skintone with body hair that matches, although you can't tell it in this picture unless you look really closely. And yes, he dresses like that - neutral solid colors, golf shirts, dockers.

Pixie. She has an outfit very close to this one, and the hair is pretty close - the actual pixie cut is hard to come by. Since she's in school, I made her Child age. The hard part was trying to juggle her stats - she really needs more than 25 points to do it. ;)

Imp came out as the cutest li'l Sim toddler I've ever seen. The main reason he's a Sim toddler is because he's still only 2.5 yo, and we're still working on the potty training thing. His hair looks like this when we let it grow out. Dang if he ain't cute. This is how my mom wishes we would dress him. ;D

And here's the whole family. ^_^

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