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NL seems to work! Yay!

Many thanks especially to aikea_guinea but to all those who weighed in with help on the Sims 2: Nightlife posts. :) The installation appears to have gone well, and now I can go about things, although I can't age Doc up to elder like I'd planned because I saved that household just after Nex got old and crotchety, 'cause she scared me so much as a weird dirty/repressed old lady (yes, she's apparently both - she wants to flirt with Komei (!!) but also hates all public displays of affection, so your guess is as good as mine as to what the heck is up with her now). Whew! Anyway, I can't age Doc right now 'cause Guy Marlin was invited over at the time, but after playing Guy's house, he's preggers, and he really shouldn't be over at Doc's house while that extremely pregnant/about to give birth (eek!). So Doc has to wait to age up until Guy somehow has the new little one(s).

OTOH I poked around a few other Sims' new variables like Turnons and Turnoffs. Yes, that's a new NL feature. So I went to look at Sorcha, Daniel and Forrest, right? Well, the sims get randomized T&T, so let's see what they've got:

Forrest: Turnons: Fat people, Stink; Turnoffs: Swimwear
No, no, no. Gon' fix that boy right up.

Daniel: Turnons: Facial hair (!), Brown hair; Turnoffs: Cologne
Uh... okay, Daniel, I guess that means you really do want to play footsie with Forrest in the hot tub, huh?

Sorcha: Turnons: Glasses, Makeup; Turnoffs: Stink
Toly sez: "Oh, so she's into serious girls then?"
Obviously the Stink for Forrest and No-Stink for Sorcha is a bit awkward too.

Fortunately, each sim already in the game gets a free bottle of ReNuYu juice that allows a one-time chance to change T&T, and boy howdy I can see 'em getting used!

BTW, if anyone's curious about "their" sim (like Whirly, Doc, etc.) just let me know and I'll post it. :P

ETA: Man, the whole Stink thing is providing lots of entertainment on this end. "Oh, you dirty, dirty girl!" It's doubly funny because Sorcha and Forrest are both extreme neatfreaks and just love cleaning toilets. I'm not kidding.
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