Laridian (laridian) wrote,

My hair looks good!

Well, Pixie got up all night long again... to clean the living room. O_o; She really wanted to invite some friends over today, she said this morning. Of course you can't just do that - families make plans - and because she effectively didn't sleep all night, she was exhausted and miserable by noon, whereupon she agreed to go to sleep.

Imp seems to be faring better. "My tigers are going to eat the toaster!" (talking about his toy tigers)

I got my hair cut & colored today (yay!). Since Pixie's sleeping I hope to go out for powerwalking, maybe take Imp along if he'll consent to being buckled into the stroller.

200 words on a new fic. Plus mimerki gave me some challenges to work on, I'll put those in their own post.

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