Laridian (laridian) wrote,

An entire day spent stitching.

So, I haven't posted in... oh... about 12 hours. Yep.

Anyway. Mostly what I've done today is xstitch and Sims, 'cause I can do those simultaneously (no, really). The reason is because I found that videogame sprite, converted it and printed it, and got started on it. Here's progress as of last night:

I don't expect anyone to recognize it yet. ;) Anyway, I might get it done tomorrow. I think this is what I needed: a small, neat design that I could knock out in a few days. I want to backstitch it, though, cause it'll look better.

I also have no less than three different CoH fic ideas in my head. So once I get this thing done, I want to work on those. And Suzerain and Hunter/Hunted and Novel and more.

We ordered pizza tonight. A year or two ago our favorite pizza place on the beach franchised or something - opened up about 6 new stores, after years of a single store. Last year the pizza wasn't right - too salty, etc. But we heard they'd fixed that, plus now the store near us delivers. We ordered it. A medium pizza is bigger than a Domino's or nationwide chain's large. The large is ginormous. We got a large pepperoni and a medium "white". White pizza is mostly mozzarella, olive oil, minced garlic, and globs of ricotta cheese here and there. It am divine.

Imp ended up falling asleep shortly before noon - in the car of course as I have to pick up Pixie from school at noon. He stayed asleep despite me getting him out of his car seat, onto my shoulder, into the cold windy raw weather, into the school, back into the car seat, etc. and never even woke up once, except to roll his eyes back in his head when (after getting home) I put him to bed. He slept until 3 pm when I woke him up.

Pixie too napped, about an hour. She would've done more if I'd let her. We have figured out that a bad night of sleep is the predictor for her separation anxiety the next morning at school.

I need to save off some pix and see if I can get something else done besides xstitch and sims tonight. And answer comments and check email at last. (PS: Linen really bites.)
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