Laridian (laridian) wrote,

My head hurts

Well, Pixie had trouble going to sleep again (despite getting a nap yesterday) and Imp woke up at freakin' 4 AM of all times and possibly hasn't been back to sleep since, which means he'll be in a right mood by noon. Or conked out in the carseat as we go to get Pixie. At any rate, the adults in the house didn't get rest either.

Toly volunteered to go to Walmart for a few things in the dead of night, so I said I needed two xstitch skeins: 3750 (antique blue) and 777 (dark raspberry). Toly looked in the bins, but failed to double-check the numbers on the skeins, so he got me 775 instead. This is a fairly common color (light baby blue) so I'm sure I can use it - it's not worth returning for, what, 40 cents? But I still need 777, which is for the project I'm trying to knock out quickly. So I still have to go somewhere for the thread. Maybe back to Walmart given that nobody remembered about the torchiere lightbulb.

Got a letter from my hairstylist of the past 7 years - she's retiring and going into antiques instead. I kinda saw it coming. It's still a drag as I need to get one last haircoloring, cut & style from her, and then all my files (notes on the Zell coloring/styling and other cosplay stuff).

Headachy, and the fresh pot of coffee tastes nasty, which makes me wonder if some grounds got directly int he pot.

And the contrariness on Imp's part has started, which I'm not surprised at, given how little sleep he got.

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