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Well, last night I got to bed about 8:10. Pixie woke up at 9:10. Toly got up at 10:10. Quite a pattern there, thanks to the luminous hands on my watch! Then there were a couple other Pixie wakeups, but I think from about 1:30 am to 6:45 I was uninterrupted. Toly woke me at 6:45 (kids got up at 6).

(Man, mostly I talk about weather and sleep, don't I? Speaking of which, it's a positively balmy 75 at present.)

Dropped off a big bag of library books, picked up another big bag of them, dropped off the van to be fixed, etc. etc. Pixie did much better today at school. I'm wondering if she's feeling a little lonely/jealous because while she's at school, Imp and I are together? Maybe she thinks we're doing all kinds of Fun Stuff without her. So we'll try giving her some extra attention and see how it turns out. This afternoon, though, they're going to my folks' house for a couple hours.

You can kinda tell the difference about older editions of the Narnia books vs. the newly reprinted ones. Mainly, what I'm talking about is the order you're supposed to read them. When I first read them they were in a specific order which made the overall storyline kind of hard to follow. Now, for instance, I hear that Magician's Nephew is supposed to be Book #1, whereas it used to be Book #6 (of 7). Cripes.

Think I'll try to get a haircut on Thursday.

Have managed over a week of daily powerwalking, with the exception of Sunday which kind of became my day off. My calves don't hurt so much anymore, but I'm still getting stitches in my sides. Advice? Meanwhile Mom and I are planning alternate walking routes because Imp is starting to get restless on our current one. He rides in the stroller since he can't keep up with us, and he's pretty much seen it all by now, though yesterday we followed the yard-waste truck down the street, and the YW workers really showed off and did tricks with the branches and stuff. XD
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