Laridian (laridian) wrote,

My head really hurts

Because I...

1. Was dumb enough to only get 6 hours of sleep, and
2. Watched a 3-hour movie, which seems lately to give me a headache,

I am both sleepy and tired and v. braindead. I was going to write up my thoughts on Narnia, but that will have to wait a bit. Also, the kids won't nap (though to their credit, they did try).

Also, this morning before going to the movie, I got 2400 words on a Heatfic, which is more than I've probably written in fics in a couple of months, and it's not done yet. I hope to finish it tonight though.

So I was planning to go to bed early, then remembered tonight is CoV night, so I guess I'll be doing that instead and trying to live with the lag (if it's not fixed, I think I've fixed it now) and trying not to fall asleep on the keyboard.

ETA: Oh, and you know how I posted it was 55 degrees this morning? By 1 pm it was 78 or so. I'm still glad I took my jacket to the theater, 'cause it got cold in there.
Tags: headache
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