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I thought it was the best one so far. It's really nice seeing the kids grow up along with the movie, instead of different actors. Wow, Neville really shot up! He was this fat little kid and now he's a tall gawky teen. Most of my family suspects that Harry is the decoy and Neville will really be the one to take down Voldemort. ^_~

Anyway. I'm incredibly glad the house-elves were completely removed from the movie. I've never been fond of them in the books (Dobby really makes me want to strangle him), so it was refreshing to not have any of 'em around. I would've loved to see more of the Quidditch Cup, but I understand why it was cut - it was there mostly as a setting to introduce Krum and the return of the Death Eaters (and in the book, Winky, Crouch, etc.) So it was nice to see Neville take Dobby's role with the gillyweed, yay! (I'm humanocentric, what can I say? Comic relief "little critters" bug me.)

Nice and fast-paced, nothing dragging on. I like that in a movie. Kinda nice seeing "cameos" of characters (Draco, Snape, etc.). I do wonder if there'll be a director's cut which has an extra hour of Stuff in it. That would be neat.

Mom had forgotten the plot of GoF by the time they saw the movie, and she said she had no problem following the movie, so evidently that worked out. ;) I didn't like the addition of the facial tic to "Moody"/Crouch Jr. I don't remember that in the book, and it felt like a sop to the audience so we can feel superior at figuring it out before the characters can.

I didn't cry when Cedric died - instead I cried when he asked Harry to take his body back. *sobs* And again at the eulogy. Cedriiiiic! ;_;

The kids are all growing up into nice-looking teens, too. Plus they act like real kids, not like Hollywood teens pretending to be "real kids". And I loved the Durmstrang students' entrance into the great hall. Mrowr! Paramilitary-dressed hardbodied russo-baltic eye candy! Draco would never have made it there, he's too wispy. :P

Things I just realized they cut: lots of Pensieve and Rita Skeeter. Not that it mattered much - I think it worked out just fine. ^_^

Moaning Myrtle is becoming downright creepy. Which is appropriate, but man, I'd be real leery of using bathrooms at that school. >_>;

Last note: evidently you really have to be very tough to be a wizard/witch, 'cause those portkeys alone must really beat the crap out of you if you use them a lot.

Honestly-last-note: Had an unintentional giggle moment when Voldemort did the same face as Bat Boy! XD
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