Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Random Sims thoughts. Weigh in if ya wanna! But there may be some semispoilers here, so don't read if you want to be absolutely surprised later. :D

Big plans in store in 2006 for:

Terecito (oh teh angkst!!five!)

Guy/Teff (secrets)

Sorcha/Daniel/Forrest (sooner or later she's gotta choose, before they do)

Legacy (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease let Carla & Sinjin make a good-looking kid)

Ramon/Pyra - is he gonna be happy married?

Khalid - sorry, ladyday but I don't think he's gonna reform ;)

The Gang of Juvenile Delinquents - man, these kids live charmed lives. I can't get 'em caught by the cops for nothin'

"The Other Legacy" which will start in due time as an offshoot of CoH Sims (!)

Who will Komei end up with? Trolita? Zel? Nobody? (He's fine with either one of them, so that's not an issue)

Eric and that shard piece

Skye Rayvn - will she settle down at all?!

Immediate plans:
- get all the college kids graduated
- figure out what to do with poor Ripp Grunt languishing at start of college
- find someone besides Meadow for Nick Serling

Of course, ALL of this is subject to change at my whim.
Tags: coh sims, durrance legacy
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