Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Spearmint, o herb of the gods

The kids went to bed at 7 (a small fringe benefit of no naps during the day). So what have I done with my evening?

make & eat spearmint ice
cruise LJ
make a list of the MST3K titles we have on DVD - all 41 of them! - so we can sell the VHS tapes we bought, and ditch the ones we recorded off TV. We still have, oh, a few hundred to go, so I hope there's a lot more MST3K box sets comin' down the pike.

On spearmint. I like spearmint. I do not particularly like peppermint. But spearmint is darn hard to find, while peppermint is everywhere. Thanks to mimerki fronting me a $5 gift certificate to Adagio Teas, I now have a bag of loose spearmint leaves. Several months ago I had enough foresight ("I might need this someday, maybe") to buy a tea ball (which leads to me wanting soooo badly to create a CoV villain called the Green Teabagger, which is just soooo wrong, but anyway).

Wow, was that parenthetical enough?

To get back on track: so this afternoon I made spearmint tea. Yay! And then I poured it in a pan and froze it, intending to make mint tea granita. Except that after the first time stirring it, I kinda forgot about it and then had to go grocery shopping and visit the folks and stuff, so when I came home it was a solid block instead of nice fluffy grainy tea-flavored ice.

Thawing on the counter helped. And now, after eating most of the panful of ice (once it thawed enough to get slushy), I am left with a bowl of chilled melted previously-ice tea, with bits of leaves in the bottom. But it is spearmint, and that's fine by me. *^_^* 'Cause I can still drink it right from the bowl.

In other news: got a novel installment done, did some Legacy sims, and have started on something else, but I won't tell you what in case I don't get it finished. And I think I'm going to upload my new icon so I can cycle "santa" and "xmas heat" out.
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