Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Boxing Day afterwards

No comments on the Jeffries family, huh? I'll just assume you're all off enjoying a day off after Christmas or whatever. ;)

Kinda quiet day. Didn't realize so many places were closed. Did some Sims. Did some Xstitch (berry sampler, getting a lot done on that one). Visited the folks a bit, got our Christmas checks. The kids' checks of course go right in their accounts. Toly's and my checks, as soon as they clear, will pay for getting the other bathroom fixed at last. *sigh of relief* We haven't been able to use that shower/tub in months because the tiles came off the wall on their own. So now we can afford to get that fixed. Huzzah!

Mom noted that I didn't ask for any games this year for Xmas. I said no, 'cause I had my "top five" - Pirates!, Civ4 (Toly gave it to me for b'day), CoH, CoV, and Sims2. I don't really need anything else. Toly's broken into Soul Calibur 3 and is messing around with that. He also as a sort of Xmas present to me logged Heat in last night and got him that Toy Collector badge. Yay! :D

I need to come up with a new icon for the post-Christmas season, and I think I know which one.
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