Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Sleeeeep! In heavenly PEAAAAAAACE!

Ich bin sleepy.

Having said that, my folks have cleaned out my Amazon list between my November birthday and Christmas, looks like. They got me more MST3K DVDs, both Hitchhiker's Guide DVDs (the BBC-TV one I love and the movie I never intended to watch, but they want me to do a compare/contrast of all things), an out of print music CD I'd asked for, like, three years ago (wow), and a new purse satchel, which I really do need.

They brought a couple presents for the kids; we're going over there for dinner and to open the rest of the kids' swag.

They gave Toly some movies (Spiderman 2, Batman Begins) and games (We [heart] Katamari, Magna Carta, ... um, some other stuff I forgot), which was cool. I suppose I'd better update my Amazon list now. ^^;;

Bro got me a book, The Long Walk, by Slavomir Rawicz, which I first read in condensed version years ago. The downside is it looks like the pages were photocopied from the old 1956 version rather than having the type re-set. I hate when companies do this, 'cause it looks very tacky. Sometimes the books are almost unreadable because the "original" that the pages are copied from are in bad shape.

Tonight, after dinner: on the one hand, I should show up for Sunday 9s even though I think I'd be the only one, just to see about getting Heat that stupid badge I haven't worked on at all. But on the other hand I'm very tired feeling and I think maybe I'll just to go bed pretty early. We'll see. Zzzzz.

Oh! But I did get a major installment of Sims typed up, so that'll be posted tomorrow. Yay! :D

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