Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to everyone. ^_^

Ended up staying up too late last night because 1. I finally got the Jeffries house done! Yay! and 2. we had to get all the kids' presents put under the tree, and we discovered two presents we forgot to send to my brother's family. OOPS. O_O; Fortunately since they're in another time zone I was able to still call them and tell them no, we didn't forget, I'm just incompetent. ^^;;

We also found three of Pixie's birthday presents that got forgotten. Since Pixie woke up first and couldn't wait for anyone else (except me of course), I let her open those. One is the Magic Pegasus movie she's wanted for months, so she's happily watching that right now while Imp and Toly sleep and I get me some coffee.

It was so much fun to see her open that present, too. "Gee! Oh, wow! I haven't seen this in years! Gee! Thank you Mama!" (Yes, she actually says Gee. It's so cute!)

At least one of us has to get to church today (ideally the whole family, but we will see, what with presents and all) and then I'm cooking a frozen lasagna for when the folks come over for Xmas brunch/lunch. I'm going the lazy route here: a frozen lasagna from Sams Club, a loaf of garlic bread from the bread machine, and some kind of frozen vegetable. It's Christmas and I don't want to spend all morning cooking. ;)

We made brownies for Santa and the reindeer ate most of an apple. ;)

Those of you who made appearances in my dreams last night, you'll be happy to know the Professor of Mysteries gave you each a Nobbly on your final exam. No, I don't know what it means either, although apparently it was dang important. So a Nobbly goes to shinzakura, mimerki, saintnicster, redwolf, anthoras, and ladyday who only got a half Nobbly but maybe that's at least half as good? ^_^ Hey, you be the judge.

Now, I'm off to have coffee and brownies and see if I can put together a post for tomorrow for Sims. :)

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