Laridian (laridian) wrote,

CoH Hat Mission

CoH people: anyone gonna be in tonight? Heat's got an interesting problem. I tried exemping down to one of Toly's alts for the hat mish, 'cause Heat had debt. The mission knocked out the debt, but it didn't offer the "mission credit" like you get in CoV. Is the hat mission bugged, or is it because Toly's alt was level 5 (mish was in Atlas) and Heat is level 35 (mish is in Talos)? Yes, we both picked up the mish first. Just curious if it means I have to have Heat do the one in Talos specifically for it to count.

Oh - he did get the badge and hat off Toly's mish, but Heat still has the mission in his queue, and I don't want it there forever. ;) So if any of you want to exemp down to Heat for it, and knock out some of your own debt and/or do the mish, let me know?

Duh, this should be in coh_sunday_lj. I'll post there too. *headdesk*
Tags: heat lightning
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