Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Rematting/reframing old needlework

Boy, what a difference a mat/frame makes.

My late grandmother did a lot of needlework, esp. crewelwork, and as we're finding her work my mom has tasked me with matting and reframing them (Mom pays me for materials). Today the two pieces I did were from 1969.

On the left is the old frame. The crewelwork was masking-taped onto cardboard (eeeeek) and the whole thing heavily masking-taped into the frame. At least this thing had glass on it - but after taking it all apart, the glass is... icky. I guess from being pressed up tight against the fabric and yarn. It's also a slightly odd size, something like 7" x 11" (instead of the standard 8"x10").

On the right is the companion piece with a mat and frame. At least the mat should keep the glass off the fabric this time around. I think the gold and blue really pick up the colors of the yarn much better. The mat is a standard 8x10" opening, because the piece does fit into that size (though the 2nd one *just barely* fits, it really is slightly taller than 10").

Both pieces are now newly matted and framed and I think they'll look much better this way. Incidentally, in the right-hand one, you can see my reflection (taking the pic) and Imp's profile.
Tags: xstitch
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