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Pixie's birthday party report

Well, I'm ready for a nap now. ^_^ Probably the kids are too.

Pixie was exhausted by 11 am and said she wanted a nap. Fine, I left her with Toly, Imp and I went to do some last minute panic shopping, came home, she's not sleeping. *sigh* Proceeded to superstress all the way to the folks' house. Forgot the pretzels and chips; Toly had to go back and get them.

Only 2 sets of guests showed up (female classmate & mom & older brother, male classmate & mom) but at least *someone* did. Of the other two RSVPs, one never showed or called or anything, and the other one called to say her daughter had fallen asleep in the car and they'd try to make it toward the end. They didn't show up either.

End result: Way too much food. ^_^;; But in Sims terms it was still a roof raiser. Apart from the unexpected plethora of mosquitoes, it was fantastic; the kids played outdoors almost the whole 2 hours, coming in for water & juice and various snacks.

Menu included:
"munchies" mix (mini doritos, cheetos, sunchips, pretzels)
Mom made a "mid-century" veggie plate - celery, yellow squash, and crackers, with beefy onion dip
several kinds of crackers
different types of cheese (I really wanted some kind of protein available and not just carbs)
bottled water, apple juice boxes, diet coke, coke, sprite
Cake (at the end) - vanilla/white cake w/whipped topping filling and of course frosting on top/sides

Lots of leftovers.

Pixie got a few nice gifts - one had been dropped off by a classmate who knew ahead of time they couldn't attend - like a fairy princess dress, a game, and a couple of books.

Now I have a mild headache, but that's from the bad night of sleep previously. Overall the party was a great success with much talk among the moms - my own mom doesn't look old enough to be a grandma, which was really cool because she could "blend in" as it were. Toly and Dad kept the kids occupied outside and kept an eye on them.

I am soooo ready to just fall asleep, so I expect I'll be conking out early tonight, to my own dismay. We may order in pizza, Domino's, even though I'm not fond of Domino's, just because I really don't feel like cooking after that, and all the junk food. ^_^

Oh, and the folks' house was gorgeous. As Mom said, it gave them a reason to get the place fixed up, mulched, decorated, etc.


Okay, on to get the thank-you cards written right now before I forget, so I can deliver them on Monday. ^_^

Almost forgot - one of the moms apologized for the two RSVPs not showing up. I said it wasn't her fault or anything, but she said she still felt bad. When her own son had had his party she had really feared nobody was going to show up, so she was glad Pixie still had a good time here. (We went to her son's party.)
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