Laridian (laridian) wrote,

"I'm a domestic goddess"

Been rather domestic this afternoon, once the A-kicking headache stopped kicking my A and went away. Anyway.

While Imp napped, Pixie and I painted, and then peeled and sliced three Granny Smith apples, then peeled and sliced one butternut squash. I probably made all the slices too big, though they were thin enough. Oh, before that we made a pie crust and I put together a cranberry-pecan pie. I've got plenty of apples, but couldn't find the recipe, whereas I've been looking for an excuse for cranberry-pecan. ^_^ So that's cooling for tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast. Anyway, back to the squash. Mixed the apples and squash together with a few other things, put 'em in the oven to bake, and just now took the foil off and put the oatmeal crumb topping on. It had that part I hate - "cut in cold butter until crumbly" - but that part went well for once. Anyhoo, that'll be dessert for... probably only me. :/ Oh well. Says to serve warm w/ice cream but if ice cream was in this house I know what everyone else would be eating. ^^;;

Beef stew in the slow cooker for tonight, though the kids are demanding - of course - fluorescent orange macaroni and cheese. ^_~ Pixie seems to have grown out of her food-coloring sensitivity, based on behavior over the past year. This is good.

I also picked out a pattern to use the new sparkly pink stuff to make a skirt for Pixie. That's probably all the material I have. Anyway, took her measurements last night; by height she's a size 5, but by width (hips/waist/etc.) she's about a size 2/3. Yeah, models' measurements. She's just tall and slender, which is fine by me. Even if it does make buying clothes for her a bit tricky now and then. ;)

Might try some scans later - I finished up the sachet a couple days back, got Pixie's school picture yesterday, that kind of thing.

EDIT: Nope, the slices weren't too big! And boy is the butternut apple crisp tasty. :9~~~
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