Laridian (laridian) wrote,

CoH Sims and CoV: Simaster

Simaster pix. 'Cause I couldn't resist. ;) And new icon of course!

Simaster isn't part of a villainous supergroup yet. On the other hand, with his robots, he might be one all by himself. ;) (I realized later that if I'd chosen zombies, I could've had Zombie Epsilon and any other deceased sims as Simaster's minions, forced to do his bidding. But I digress.)

During a bank robbery, Simaster discovers a tragic victim of BreakDancing Gone Wrong. (Or maybe he's doing the Stayin' Alive pose. Either way, those should only be done by professionals.)

Simaster exits a mission and looks around sharply just in case anyone noticed him. Although it's an island of criminals, so he's likely overreacting just a tad. ;)

Up on top of a building, Simaster sends his robot Jump Bug to attack a snake-humanoid on another rooftop. And Jump Bug does! Clear all the way across! I've provided an arrow so you can see where Jump Bug is.

Also, I'll be adding some Simlish to Simaster and Jump Bug's dialog. Most of the time they'll speak English, but they'll talk Simlish to each other sometimes. Yay! :)
Tags: city of heroes/villains, simaster, sims 2
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