Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Stuff I don't 'get'

Stuff I don't get. Can anyone explain these? It's a short list right now.

- The adding of foods after "OMGWTF". Like "omgwtfbbq" or omgwtfstroganoff" or whatever. Huh? Wha?

- Adding a Z to the front of OMG. "ZOMG!" Why? What does it stand for?

- Anthropomorphizing/naming inanimate objects like computers or cars and pretending they have a personality. I don't... I mean, they're inanimate objects, they don't have personalities. I don't get it. (If I go on about this I'll probably offend those who do this, though)

- The appeal of salads. I've tried 'em, and they taste terrible!

- Why Bert doesn't kill Ernie and stuff him in the trash compactor. It's long overdue. Or at least move out of the apartment. (No "they're really lovers" stuff, okay? I can't see that either, even IF it was a remote possibility, 'cause Ernie is such a jerk.)
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